16 January 2020

Thanks to Monica – I’ve got photos this week.

Before I left, Akka got folks making chocolate again.


Here is Ray from Vanuatu – roasting beans.   Anticipation!   Chocolate will happen.


Here are the roasting beans.   Wasn’t chocolate yet.  I was busy packing and all –  but I do remember the sound of the dry mill milling.  Oh, and I remember somebody giving me a taste.  Chocolate did happen, but photo-evidence did not.


And then I was gone, and nothing happened at all.  … or did it???



The river.


The fishing ladies (at least 2 of them):  Monica and Lutu.   The feedbags beside Lutu are full of river mussels (kai).

Monica wrote, “Went with Lutu and the Waicoba ladies yesterday to get fresh water mussels (kai) from Nacocolevu and Rupeni (Lutu’s husband) roasted some right there…”



Do you see how they are cooking in the grill from the front of an electric fan?  Ha ha.

Monica continues, “He put in lemon salt and chillies water called the waitomu….


…So good.  Especially when I was dipping in the river digging for about 2 hours.

With kumala and cassava.”  (sweet potatoes and cassava – carried from home)


That’s the way to have a productive picnic!

These are the kai that came home





More from Monica, “Dad brought some baby coconut leaves so Kiki and I did some art n craft.”

Now the fish in the fish tank have something interesting to look at.


New School Year in Fiji

Happy that Kiki is going to school in our neighborhood again.


In uniform, and approved by Winky.


Happy week, everybody.   For the next few months all the news in this blog is going to be sent to me from folks at home.  I’ll probably be more surprised than anyone at what shows up (I need to go kai fishing some time, when I get back.)



4 thoughts on “16 January 2020

  1. What is Kai? How about some pictures from Kelowna? My downstairs neighbor is Canadian and she says it is beautiful there. It may be all snow now. We are having very cold weather -9 C, snow and high winds here. I think I am getting cabin fever. I have been sick with a cold or flu for a week and stuck at home. Sorry the thing I sent you about Kelowna was mostly about winter sports. Hugs, Steph

    Sent from my iPhone


    • “Kai” is the river mussels/ river clams. It got UP to -13C yesterday. Really freaking cold! I was happy to see the article about Kelowna – had no idea it’s big enough to have some museums. If it warms up enough to go out for fun, I’ll want to see them. Get well soon, and enjoy your relatively balmy weather closer to the ocean. Hug hug.

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