9 January 2020

This is the “What the Flip” week.

2020-01-06 egg on gate  R.jpg

On the gate at the bottom of our driveway

An egg.  Certainly a hen did not lay it there.

The bizarre thing is that the egg sat there for 3 days.  Nobody closed the gate!


In my bathroom – some weird object on the ceiling.   (But the picture hanging there is pretty.)

2020-01-08 slug1  Re.jpg

Up close –

2020-01-08 slug 2  Re.jpg

It’s a SLUG?   On the CEILING??


Farm crazy busy.   Trainees from Solomons and Vanuatu getting a crash course in virgin coconut oil/vegan cheese, cocoa making, soap-making – and that’s just the kitchen stuff.  I didn’t get photos.   I’ve been a madwoman getting ready to leave for four months (this afternoon) because “my kids need me.”   Luckily, other kids are covering my responsibilities here … and I expect photos from home so you all and I myself can know what is going on.



Rest in peace, dear Torsett.

10-31-13 Torsett    RIP.jpg

Here is a photo from when he was a young guard dog.

In the last months he was old and sick, and even Winky snarled at him when he showed interest when she was in heat.  There was nothing left to live for.   Isa, isa.

But Torsett is at peace now – and I hope chasing mongooses in Doggy Heaven.


May everyone have a blessed week.


5 thoughts on “9 January 2020

    • Thank you for the condolences. No one at the farm claimed responsibility for the egg, so perhaps a neighbor put it there. Why it remained is easy enough – I kept waiting for someone else to take it – then I finally took it myself. It was whole and still fresh.

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