2 January 2020


I was missing in action for two weeks due to total overwhelm.   This morning I finally tackled all the photos in my phone ….  Sheesh.  Too much!

From back in Israel – one sequence I took because I loved it: a snail in the garden from a widening perspective.


Also from Israel – leaving Haifa by train.  The photo isn’t much to look at, but I took ten photos of the same thing over the course of about five minutes.

2019-12-12 Israeli banana fields  R.jpg

Those are BANANAS in there, being grown under white shade-cloth.  Thousands of acres of bananas.   It blew my mind.


A week in freezing England, I hardly took photos there.

2019-12-13 London steamy bldg  Cr.jpg

A skyscraper in London with steam coming out the top:  either it isn’t energy-efficient or else it is thinking too hard.

And my good friend Emma helped me knock an item off my bucket list.

2019-12-15 Guardian's grave Kim bucket list Thx Emma  R.jpg

She helped me find the grave of Shoghi Effendi.   A true symbol of triumph over all adversaries.   It does my heart happy to remember being there.


Home to Fiji and a hurricane.  This time last week the power was out.


And then there was New Year’s

2019-12-31 New Years Eve pavilion & fireworks  Cr.jpg

Granddaddy getting us up to the pavilion to watch the fireworks, and to shout out HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the neighbors.


Wishing everybody a happy week and a glorious year.

As we say in Fiji, “Vakanuinui vinaka na yabakivou.”




2 thoughts on “2 January 2020

  1. The snail must be very big, as you can even see it from so far away.
    I don’t like taking photos in cold weather either, so I use the time to see what I haven’t published so far.
    A Happy New Year to you as well!

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