21 November 2019

2019-11-21 Chickens for sale  Cr.jpg

Chickens for sale, chickens for sale.  A really good sale!  Austin has decided he needs to thin down his flock.  Waaaaaay down.   Son Akka is more than happy to oblige, and has made the price ridiculously low – nobody tries to bargain at all.  Akka knows exactly which birds Austin wants to keep and all the rest are up for grabs.   Every night Akka and his son Kiki go out with a torch to pick about 10 hens to sell the next day.

Austin is so busy with the coral work, and so disheartened by the biosecurity problems, that he actually made a few noises about Quitting!   This is when it is helpful to have a wife in your corner.  This wife told him:  Quitting is not an option –  you are not letting the commercial chicken supply country’s corrupt system continue to undermine Fiji’s food sovereignty (put obstacles up to prevent import of heritage breeds, but instead force us to be reliant on hybrid birds that have to be replaced every generation).  No, No, oh Hell No!  And that was the end of that defeatist talk.  Ha ha.


Guests this last week did some kitchen experiments that I only caught at the end – nifty stuff though:  Coconut Yogurt.

2019-11-16 coconut yogurt  Cr.jpg

There were three versions – with fiber, without fiber, and with lime zest.   The lime stuff was the best.

***                      ,

I’ve got a porch full of drying corn for the first time in several years.

2019-11-21 corn to be shelled  R.jpg

Will be shelling it all in the next week.  Fun, fun.


Really the joy of my life is having grandson Kiki here.   He took me on a hunt for kavika fruit.

2019-11-19 Kiki tourguide  R.jpg

Led me through the sheep field and a lot of wild weeds.  Rough darn walk.  Tree had no fruit, and then we had to come back.   At least it got me off my sofa.

So he took me to a tree he KNEW had fruit:

2019-11-20 Kiki jackfruit  Re.jpg

Jackfruit.  I had not noticed.  There are two huge ones.  Need to tell Ashmita.  There will be jackfruit curry soon!



Kaukawa  (cow-COW-ah) means “strong.”

Malumalumu (MA-loo-ma-LOO-mu) means “weak,”   also “soft” and “slow.”

So which of these Fijian words do you think belongs with this photo?

2019-11-19 Kiki parkour R.jpg

Sa _____________________ na makubuqu.

(Is __________________ the grandchild-mine.)

Kaukawa!   Sa kaukawa o Kiki!  Sa kaukawa na makubuqu!

(Strong!  Is strong Kiki!  Is strong my grandchild!)


Happy week, everybody.



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