14 November 2019

It’s the Fauna and Fauna and Fauna Weekly Report this week, and not all good news.

Top of the week, the goldfish died.

2019-11-09 RIP Goldfish  Cr.jpg

We have one more fish living in the tank – a white one, and then we are done.


That good news from last week about Po’s five puppies – I was wrong.

2019-11-14 Po and pups  Cr.jpg

There were SEVEN puppies.

Guess how many boys.   One.  Ha ha – we got six little girl pups this time.   So much for Austin thinking about choosing the best of the males to replace Bruno.

I shouldn’t have bragged about Bruno a few weeks back.  He is big, handsome and healthy – but he chases and kills chickens.  Junia thought Bruno could be trained – Po was like that when she was young, then she settled down.  But this morning Bruno killed the sickly lamb.

Austin admits he didn’t choose so well when he chose Bruno from Winky’s litter.  He selected him like a rooster – the BIGGEST one!   He should have listened to our guest who told him Jack the Pup was the smartest and was the keeper.  Oh well.


The kitties are getting a lot bigger

2019-11-14 kitties bigger  Cr.jpg

Soon they will be cats.



Sota tale  (SO-ta  TA-lay)  equates to “catch you later”


Sota tale, Everybody.   Have a happy week.


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