6 November 2019

Not surprisingly, we were pooped after last week.

I was about to tell you “I’ve got NOTHING” this week …. but then Rakesh called me yesterday morning to come take a look at the stair under my house.

Po popped!

2019-11-06 Po's pups  Cr.jpg

Five little white and black pups.   Oh boy!

*     *     *


Honorable Barefoot Professor taught me that dau  (nDOW) means “expert.”

So where volivoli means “sell” and taki means “doing” –  dauvolivolitaki means “vendor”    Likewise butako (mBu-ta-ko) means “steal” and daubutako means “thief”

But now I learn from the Peace Corps language manual that dau also means “usually” and “really”

So   Au dau taleitaka na jokoliti.   is  “I usually like chocolate.”   And   Au sega ni dau taleitaka na jusi.  is  “I don’t really like juice (soda).”

So let me tell you how it is for me.  Au dau levu na confused tiko.  (I usually/really/expertly very/plenty confused stay. ….  OOPS – Professor says No!  The preferred way to say this is Au dau confused vakalevu.   “I usually confused a lot.”   Professor tried to teach me “confused” – but it’s too much!)

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.


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