23 October 2019


2019-10-24 nopal cactus rising though cut off  CrE.jpg

This string of nopal cactus pads were cut a week or two ago for lunch and didn’t get used.  While they’ve been sitting there, they put up new shoots (circled in orange) – planning to grow big as though they were still connected to Mother Earth.

*     *     *

I promised to tell you about the PNG group.  They were here for four weeks on a workshop sponsored by Kyeema Foundation.  https://kyeemafoundation.org/   (This is the same organization who sent us Faith to help out – God bless them!)

2019-10-17 PNG biosecurity planning R.jpg

Here they are on their last day, figuring out how to have best-practice biosecurity in a poultry farm – using OUR farm as a test problem.

2019-10-17 PNG biosecurity plans  Re.jpg

Wow!  And here we have a map of our chicken pens – what chickens should go where, which order they should be fed in, etc. etc.    Beautiful plan!   We look forward to implementing it all.

2019-10-17 PNG farewell group photo  R.jpg

And here is their farewell photo.  Isa isa – I miss them already.

*     *     *

Akka caught this one:

2019-10-17 geese V-formation  Cr.jpg

Geese flying in a V-formation …. while walking.   Ha ha

*     *     *

You remember that Faith and Nicole’s veggie garden got repurposed as a juvenile chicken pen?   Well, the veggie plants were not abandoned.

2019-10-17 Faith's garden salvaged veggies  CrE.jpg

Into a wheelbarrow they went.

And then into the fenced area by the cantina that our Samoan friends put up for us.

2019-10-24 Faith's new garden 1 cantina  Cr.jpg

We have Kale!

2019-10-24 Faith's new garden 2 kale  Cr.jpg

We have Basil!

2019-10-24 Faith's new garden 3 basil  Cr.jpg

We have CELERY !!

2019-10-24 Faith's new garden 4 celery  CrE.jpg

*     *     *

Austin caught this one:

2019-10-21 kitties at laptop  Cr.jpg

The kitties were playing with bubbles on his laptop.  When the bubbles were gone, they were still trying to play.

*     *     *


Qase   (ngGAH-se) – is “old man”

Buinigone (mBU-ah-ning-OH-nay) – is “old woman”

This buinigone  is a little lialia  (“crazy”), sitting in the wai cevata  (“ice”)

2019-10-24 ice bath  Cr.jpg

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody !!

*     *     *

6 thoughts on “23 October 2019

  1. Hello Kim, winter is coming on here. Freezing temps this week and rain. I had to shiver a little when I saw you sitting in the buinigone with ice. I have done that before, but it was about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Ha. I loved the complex map of the chicken yard, the great picture of you and friends, the ducks, and the kittens. All good things. Hope all is well in the Pacific Ocean.

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