17 October 2019

Akka was in the truck with me on the gravel road to our house.  “Look!  Look!  See the wild turmeric flower!’

I didn’t stop.

“It is a really nice deep pink.  I never saw one that pink.”

So I stopped and backed up.

2019-10-14 wild turmeric flowers in Jeswant's drive  R.jpg

Akka hopped out and got the photo.

Funny enough, he was the one who pointed out the same flowers to me several years ago on a different road and made me stop for a photo.   They were pretty but paler.

*     *     *

Bruno is growing.

2019-10-17 Bruno getting bigger  R.jpg

Looks like a fine up and coming pup, doesn’t he!

*     *     *

Out for an evening walk, we saw a pair of yoked bulls just getting ready to go to work.

2019-10-14 yoked bulls heading to work in the late afternoon  Cr.jpg

“Be sure to get MY picture,” my neighbor joked.  He’s there in the dark blue shirt, if you look closely.

*     *     *

Best Idea Ever

One of our guests from PNG put a drinking coconut into the freezer.

2019-10-15 frozen cocnut water by Ali  R.jpg

Frozen coconut juice.   YUM.

*     *     *

Heaps of Chicks

We hatch 15-20 dozen baby chicks a week, and they’ve started piling up. Phone orders fell off.  Austin got sick one week and couldn’t go sell them in the market.  Then last Saturday, market day, it was rainy – and this – and that – and Austin didn’t go for the second week in a row.

2019-10-17 heaps of chicks in outside pen  Cr.jpg

So 3 week olds got put out into mobile rearing pens.  I don’t know HOW many dozens are in there.

Bigger ones (that Junia and I had failed to sell while Austin was gone) got better digs.

2019-10-17 Mami-Faith-Nicole's garden chicken pen 1  R.jpg

They are in Mami and Leo’s vegetable garden, that was revived by Faith and Nicole for veggies, and has now been converted into a step-up juvenile pen – a safe fenced place that is still “happy.”

2019-10-17 Mami-Faith-Nicole's garden chicken pen 2  R.jpg

There is an open “house” in it – with roosting poles – backed up against the grown-up-chicken villa.

2019-10-17 Mami-Faith-Nicole's garden chicken pen 3  R.jpg

And a roof of coconut thatch made by the PNG workshop folks and Faith.  (The PNG folks are leaving tomorrow morning, and I’ll tell you more about them when I post the Goodbye Photo next week)

*     *     *

Not His Fault

Remember I showed the little drone our guest a few weeks ago?  He gave me a file of photos he’d taken before he left.  I forgot about them.  Terrific photos!  So I want to end with my favorite:

Breeze - Boerger drone of pavilion  R.jpg

Boerge’s drone photo of the Pavilion, with a tiny shot of Boerge himself in the corner.

*     *     *


Wai batabata  (wye  ba-tam-ba-TA) – means “cold water”  – literally “water cold”

Wai cevata  (wye theh-VA-ta) – means “ice”

I think of it because my new  obsession is learning to take cold showers with internet instruction from the Iceman – Wim Hof.    And you can’t get the water “cold” here unless you add some ice.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *


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