3 October 2019

This is part of the farm cuteness this week.

2019-09-28 Daisy and kittens R.jpg

We took Daisy’s kittens out of their box.  She couldn’t get her mouth around their necks to pick them up, so she just stretched out to comfort them while she figured out what to do.   Ended up the game plan was “Wait for the big folks to put the babies back.”

*     *     *

2019-09-28 Guest's little drone R.jpg

Maybe “cute” isn’t the word the owner prefers…. but here is a little drone brought by a guest.  He went up to the pavilion to fly it and he took some amazing, beautiful photos.  I’ll share when they send the copies.

*     *     *

What REALLY took up all my time this week.

2019-10-03 chicks close  R.jpg

Awwww… little chickies.

Austin was/is gone doing coral work – so I have to take care of these little birds every two hours – water and feed.

2019-10-03 chicks  R.jpg

There are more than 15 dozen chicks in this box.  And I need to give fresh water, and feed, plus put down new newspaper every morning and “change their diapers” (pull up all the old newspaper and put down a new starter layer) every 4-5 days.

2019-10-03 big chicks  R.jpg

And there is also a box of bigger chicks.   So much for my life of leisure!

*     *     *


Sega na leqa  (seng-ah na leng-Ga) –  means “no problem”

Sega  means   “no’ (i.e. “none”)     “No” (i.e. “Don’t”)  is Kua.

Lega means “problem”

Like “hakuna matata”/ no worries, from Lion King.   But I like my own Fiji version better:  “tukuna mataka”  .  It means  “Tell me tomorrow”  🙂

*     *     *

Happy week, Everybody.

*     *     *


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