15 August 2019

2019-08-09 puppy invasion  Cr.jpg

Puppy invasion!  They are getting so big now.   And what complications!  Winky, their mom, started attacking two of the fellows doing yard work, so Austin put them in the pool area.  That was ok by day (the night we left them in there, they whined all night).

2019-08-14 John the Lamb Man - with pups  Cr.jpg

And now they are starting to leave for their furever homes.   This is John, the “Lamb Man.”   He is the man who traded Austin the three sheep for some geese.  Now he needs one of our males because his breeding ram got stolen.  He will take Curly, and will give us a nursing ewe with a baby female in exchange.  Oh hooray!  We will not need to trade away Lambchop!

*     *     *

You remember the beautiful new tea area?  It is in the former location for cane knives and other junk …. so Austin said he’d build a new tool shed out by the pizza oven.

2019-08-15 toolshed-cantina-pizzahut  R.jpg

Looky!   That is some “tool shed” – looks like a cantina.  All we need is colored lights and a bartender!

*     *     *

More is going on behind this wall, too.   My son Guy cannot just visit and hang around.  This year’s project:  a rocket stove!

2019-08-08 Rocket stove 1  Cr.jpg

Junia stomps the clay.

2019-08-08 Rocket stove 2  Cr.jpg

Guy has packed the clay and sand around pipes and stuff to shape the stove.

2019-08-15 rocket stove 3  R.jpg

It is dry, and the forms were successfully removed.

2019-08-15 rocket stove 4  R.jpg

Now it needs to finish drying (cure) for two weeks and we can try it out.   I think we make the fire in the short bowl and we can cook on both holes.   Stay tuned.

*     *     *

Daughter-in-law Mami also got creative.

2019-08-15 wi syrup  R.jpg

She bought this huge and pretty jar and has tried making syrup out of the wi fruit.   Guy very clerverly put a few drops of apple cider vinegar into it so we wouldn’t end up with wi wine – ha ha.

We also knew the wi fruit in Micronesia as “Deutch mango” – but it is not called that anywhere else.  The scientific name is Spondias dulcis parkinson – which I was able to find in Suliana Siwatibau’s book about medicinal plants of Fiji.

I’m having a glass of the wi cordial right now, and it is pretty good!

*     *     *

Last weekend had the annual Firewalking at the temple down the road.  A group of South Indians comes here every winter to carry out the ceremony.   The devotees stay at the temple for a week in prayer and fasting.  On Saturday night the hosts put on religious plays all night long – this becomes a community party with many families settling in at the temple for the whole night to enjoy the entertainment.  Humongous logs are being burned. At 4:00 A.M the devotees go to the river to bathe, then dress in yellow robes and come back to the temple for the grand event.

Kiki was here for the weekend, and we went to the temple at dawn for the firewalking.

2019-08-11 firewalking 1  R.jpg

First the devotees circumambulate the temple.

2019-08-11 firewalking 2  Cr.jpg

The leaders are first over the coals.

2019-08-11 firewalking 3  Cr.jpg

Then the others each take their turn on coals.

Some aspects of the event appeal to me, and I’m always really proud of the children I know who successfully take part in this test of faith.

*     *     *


“Butterfly” or “moth” is bebe  (mBAYm-bay).

Here is Austin with a cloud of bebe that showed up one morning.

DSC_0379 Austin and butterflies.jpeg

Another word is “mouth” – gusu (ngOO-soo).   What do they have to do with each other?

Because “LIPS” are bebe ni gusu – “butterflies of the mouth.”

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *




6 thoughts on “15 August 2019

  1. Nigel says lips is tebe ni gusumu, not the butterfly thing. (I thought it was so clever I started using it and he laughed at me).

    Oh well !

    On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 12:13 PM Flora and Fauna Weekly Report wrote:

    > Kim in Fiji posted: ” Puppy invasion! They are getting so big now. And > what complications! Winky, their mom, started attacking two of the fellows > doing yard work, so Austin put them in the pool area. That was ok by day > (the night we left them in there, they whined all n” >

    • Oh bugger! I knew lips were “tebe ni gusu” – but somehow I said “tebe” and thought “bebe” – and was SURE they were one. Ah well, a correction for next week…..

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