8 August 2019


It’s been more than a year since we have harvested honey.  Visiting son Guy was chomping at the bit.  Every day was too rainy or had too many visitors.  Finally, an ok day arrived.  (Sorry I only got a few photos.)

2019-08-05 Honey  1  Cr.jpg

Faith used the “hive tool” to scrape the caps off the honeycomb cells of the tray.

2019-08-05 Honey  2  R.jpg

Guy put the put the trays in the extractor and spun, spun, spun.  (He also scraped trays)

2019-08-05 Honey  3  Cr.jpg

Then he held the trays up to the light to make sure the honey was all spun out.  (He also did all the storing, all the straining of the beeswax, and almost all the cleanup.)

We have heaps of honey – as well as bees coming around to accuse us – and one bees-waxy pot I still haven’t quite figured out how to dewax.

In any event – it is a sweet time to visit, y’all.

*    *    *

I really wanted to go down to the geese and sheep pen.

2019-08-05 Lambchop 0  R.jpg

See anything new?

2019-08-05 Lambchop 1  Cr.jpg

What about now?

Mo, our female sheep, gave birth a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t seen the lamb yet.  It’s a boy, and his name is  “Lambchop”  – Cute, eh?

2019-08-05 Lambchop 2  Cr.jpg

We love him, but since we already have two grown males, it’s not going to work to keep him.   Austin’s planning to try to trade him for a little female so that the younger ram will have a mate, too.

*    *    *

My little grandson was walking around with an egg in his hand.  I told my son and he went and got the egg, brought it to me … and SQUEEZED it!   It squeaked!   It was a toy I didn’t know about.  Oh – ha ha.

So then the next day, I see this:

2019-08-06 egg in bush  Cr.jpg

An egg up in the bush outside the kitchen.  The toy egg, right?   WRONG.  The toy egg was not on top of the fridge.  So what is with the egg in the bush?   Austin said a hen laid it up there.  Huh?

Guy saw it.  Junia saw it.  We all thought it was weird.  Finally Junia went to look ….

It was an eggshell someone threw out the window.  Mystery solved.

*    *    *

FIJIAN WORD of the Week

I got serious about studying Fijian again … but it’s work.

Cakacaka  (THA-ka-THA-ka) means “work”

*    *    *

Happy week, everybody.

*    *    *

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