27 June 2019

Kiki has come back to visit!

Has nothing to do with flora or fauna – but it is the bright spot of my week, for sure!

*     *     *

The opposite of ice cream:   NONI

2019-06-13 windfall noni  R.jpg

Saw this windfall last week, a noni fruit (kura in Fijian).  A very bioactive fruit used in a LOT of herbal remedies.   Junia’s mother just loved to prescribe noni fruit for all kinds of illnesses.  She’d set a fruit on a glass and let the juices fall drip down as the fruit decomposed – and it is this rotten juice that she’d give.  I took it ONE time – after that just the sight of the fruit would cure me instantly.

*     *     *

OH!  Speaking of healing (this blog is organizing itself nicely for me!) –

One of our guests here heals by doing “energy work.”   She is an engineer by profession, and somehow gets the method of moving energy.   She is happy to work on skeptics – and man, did she ever clear a lot of stuff for me!   Now even I can feel some of what she feels with her hands – it is weird and wonderful stuff.  And it gets weirder.

2019-06-25 remote energy  R.jpg

Here she is working on someone I love several thousand miles away!   And it worked!

*     *     *

OK – Flora.   We have two varieties of cocoa now:

2019-06-26 cocoa varieties  Re.jpg

The yellow on the left is what we always had, and the red on the right is the new variety.   The fruit is a little more sour, and Akka says the chocolate from it is even better.   Yay!

*     *     *

And Fauna.   We had a big whoop-dee-do because Biosecurity did find a disease when they came to check.  It is a common chicken illness in Fiji, but we have to eradicate it before we can export.  This irksome disease can be caught bird to bird, and also passed down hen to chick through the egg.   Faith and Nicole did research, and found that some eggs even show a sign.

2019-06-22 mycoplasm egg  R.jpg

And here is an affected egg on the right – that bump and pale circle are the sign.  This illness (mycoplasm or something) only makes the birds sick – it does not make mammals sick, so we and the dogs can keep eating up.

When Biosecurity comes back to test the entire flock, we will turn this place into a “best practices” cage-free farm – and I’ll let you all see how that works out.

*     *     *

FIJIAN WORD of the Week

Bati  (BAH-tee) means “tooth” or “teeth”

Barasi ni bati (bah-RAH-see neem BAH-tee) means “brush the teeth”

Kiki came with his first lost-tooth, and was eager to add it to Granddaddy’s tooth jar.

What a collection!  Four generations represented there now.

More on bati.  Honorable Barefoot Professor tells me that bati (teeth) also refers to WARRIORS in the Fijian clan system.   There is one clan whose purpose is to protect the chiefs, and these are the TEETH – the bati clan.

*     *     *

I added a page to this blog – until I get the Teitei Homestay website launched.  Take a look if you like.   Teitei Activities

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *


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