6 June 2019

Flora:  we’ve got coffee again!

Junia, Nicole and Faith decided to try to turn our beans into coffee  Akka did it a few years ago  Junia and crew did even better.  2019-06-01 Teitei coffee  Cr.jpg

Above are the husks and the beans.  I don’t really know WHAT they did, but at the end, Junia ground it with some cardamom – and WOW that was some really, really good coffee!

*     *     *

Fauna:   protecting those eggs!

This week Austin had Rakesh build Raised Nesting Boxes in all the chicken villas.  Before, the nesting boxes were on the ground and mongooses were getting a lot of eggs.  Somebody noticed that one hen was laying eggs up high – and no eggs were going missing.  The light bulb came on.

2019-06-02 high nesting boxes  Cr.jpg

So here are Austin and guest in front of one of the raised nesting boxes – close to shoulder height.  Our egg collection is much improved.

In related news we have trapped and eliminated TEN mongooses in the last month.  One of them was humongous, a different species, and Kula Eco-Park wanted it – so it has a new home.  They wanted the companion female, but our dogs did it in.  If we do trap another female of that species, she will go to the Park.

*     *     *

There is a much better blog about our farm our there – Faith’s Dispatch.  If anyone is really interested in our farm life, I suggest you give her blog a look.    Here is a sample from a few weeks ago:  Faith’s Dispatch

*     *     *


Mavoa (mah-VO-ah) means “injury”

2019-06-06 mavoa  Cr.jpg

This mavoa happened to some old lady who was walking way too fast on a cracked and buckled sidewalk in flipflops.

Madua (man-DOO-ah)  means “embarrassed.”

It’s funny how useful those words are.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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