30 May 2019


This week’s post seemed to need the title.   It started off with a weird vehicle accident out on Valley Road.  I got some photos after everything was moved.

Late at night a “carrier” (like a very large pick up with a cage and canvas tent over the back) was driving up Valley Road with a bunch of passengers in the back and was going very fast.   Parked on the side of the road was a bus that had broken down a few days earlier.   The front of the carrier cleared the bus, but the back part did not.   It was torn off and WOWSERS – that was something.

According to witnesses the back part flew off the back, landing upright on the paved road, where it slid for many meters until going into a ditch and overturning.  Inside, one passenger passed out and woke up screaming, the rest were just screaming…. and the maximum injuries were cuts and bruises!   The vehicles did not fare as well.

Both windshields were cracked (my photos failed), even though neither got direct impact.  That was weird.

Here is the back of the bus.

2019-05-25 accident 3  R.jpg

Here is the “carrier” part of the carrier.  If you can look you can see the truck’s name “FUSO” upside down.

2019-05-25 accident 1  Cr.jpg

And here is the back of the carrier truck.  You can see how the entire bed is gone.

2019-05-25 accident 2  Cr.jpg

Some powerful angels were watching over those folks in the back!

*      *      *

Pool is repaired and full.

2019-05-26 swimming again  R.jpg

So we are having swimming lessons again.  Hooray.

*      *      *

Prophetic Dream  (relates to the swimming pool!)

I dreamt I was in our swimming pool except it was larger and a typical rectangle.  My daughter Lua was there, along with some others.  With my toes on the bottom, I had to tip my head back to get air.  But soon my head was clear of the water.  And then my shoulders.   “Hey,” I said to the others, “the water is going down!”   It was going down pretty quickly.   Lua went to get the fish and she put them in the outflow pipe that went into the sea.  The sea was like a big aquarium that I could look through thick glass to see.

“Hey, Lua!  That’s DAD’s fish you just released!”    “Oops.”  she replied.

Next morning, Dad’s fish was belly up in its little aquarium.

2019-05-29 goldfish prophecy  Cr.jpg

Rest in peace.

*      *      *

Armed !

The neighbors’ dogs are a big pain in the neck.  My grandson’s water gun has a long range.  My husband’s coconut vinegar is Nasty-Nasty, and not fit for consumption by any normal human.   I got a plan, and I got permission from my grandson.

2019-05-27 armed.jpg


So I took my walk.

Yep, the dogs came out.  Yep, I squirted after them.  Yep, they ran.  Yep, they tried again.  Yep, I got ’em again.  Finally, they backed off.  I slowly left, too.

That is when the bigger dog said to the smaller dog something like, “Tovolea mada yani.”

*      *      *


Tovolea mada yani  (to-vo-LAY-ah   mahn-da  YA-nee)  means “Taste it.” or “Try some.”

Yep, as I left the dogs were licking the grass.  Yum yum yum.   (It smells like poop, so what did I expect?)

*      *      *

Happy week, everybody.

*      *      *


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