23 May 2019

New flora on the farm (not so photgenic) :  Yams.   Hey!  My photo is missing now!  Never mind, it was just big brown yams in a bucket – nothing much to look at.  Kind of like big fat cassava roots that are rounded on both ends.

They were Junia’s yams – he planted them about 3 years ago, totally forgot about them, found them again this week, brought them up, cooked some in a fire (to tell the truth, they were kind of mealy), let the rest get boiled up.  Yum.  Quite nice.  Tropical yams are big starchy tubers – not sweet or creamy like “sweet ‘tater yams” from the southern US, but they are big and filling.  Our yam tubers grow at the bottom of a big climbing yam vine.   Glad we have them on our property.

*      *      *

New fauna on the farm (well, new to me):  a leaf bug

2019-05-16 leaf bug  Cr.jpg

Yep, it is an insect!   There are little eyes there – and the “stem” is its antennae or something.   Soooooo weird!   Soooooo cool!

*      *      *

More fauna in the neighborhood:  two cute kids

2019-05-20 two kids at Urmila's  Cr.jpg

Real charmers.   They are at the home of a friend who recently lost another toe to diabetes.  That is really tough.

*      *      *

Art work.   Daughter-in-law Monica drew the “Teitei flower” for me, and Junia and I turned it into a logo that I hope to stencil onto sulus later.   What do you think?  Not too late to have input as the stencil is not made yet.

Teitei sulu logo.png

*      *      *

The workshop dealie that Austin was off at last week when his good-funding-news came in was a pretty big deal.   A full-page article in Fiji Times!

2019-05-20 Fiji Times coral workshop article  R.jpg

Here is a close up of the lead.

2019-05-20 Fiji Times coral workshop article  Cr.jpg

Lots of participants – from government, villages, resort management, NGOs and other do-gooders.  It is wonderful how various stakeholders are able to join hands in this project.   For more information on it, just go to Austin’s facebook page.  He usually has lots of links.

*      *      *


Vinakata (VEE-na-KA-ta) – means “want”

I learned the word for “need” this morning, but have forgotten it already, so “like-want” is good enough.

Au vinakata e dua na i “push pole” –  “I like-want one push pole (for my clothesline)” is about as good as “I need one push pole”

I also learned the word for “push pole” which I promply forgot even though honorable Barefoot Professor tried for three minutes to explain it to me.  It has been one of those foggy brain mornings.

Au vinakata e dua na i mona vinaka.   I like-want one brain good.  That is probably a really horrible way to say “I want a good brain” since it is not specified that it is MY brain.  Noqu mona.   Ha ha ha ha…. the possibilities of this having gone wrong are many 🙂

*      *      *

Happy week, everybody.

*      *      *


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