16 May 2019

The cat’s away, the mouse will play.  Somebody is not here, and somebody else played a LOT of computer games and does not have many photos this week.  Ha ha.

*     *     *

You have to use your imagination.  What do you think this is?

2019-05-14 downtown birdbath  Cr.jpg

Ok,  it is some kind of disturbance in the pavement, not exactly a pothole, and it has a stone in it…. oh yeah, and water.    Ok, moments before this photo was snapped, it was all that and something more.

It was a birdbath.   (I exaggerate.)   It was a bird’s drinking pool.  A myna bird was standing there daintily drinking.

*     *     *

If you are a long-time reader, you might remember these:  photos of waka (that is a bundle of kava roots)

I was shocked to see this sign in a store window.

2019-05-14 grog gone up  Cr.jpg

I knew it had gone up in price – but, oh Lord, if you want to drink grog, you need to go rob a bank!

*     *     *

A sight that makes me happy – oxen in the field, plowing.

2019-05-15 fall plowing  Cr.jpg

Seems pretty normal, but remember that it is autumn here.   Plowing in the fall to get ready to plant the winter crops.  Just a friendly reminder that we are in the tropics and that plants can grow below freezing when the substance that is freezing is only coconut oil.

*     *     *

Now for the cat that has been away:  Austin has been out at Plantation Island all week, doing the first ever workshop to train coral gardeners for a number of resorts at one time.   He is still out there (without internet), as this email (which he has not seen yet) arrived today.  The writer is Nancy, a friend in the US who has been fundraising like crazy for Austin’s coral work (and chicken work, too).  She wrote:

God bless all our pea-picking hearts, the hard work of your lifetime and the flurry of activity from your donor friends secured Corals for Conservation a coveted spot.  Our project is now a proud and grateful member of a select 6 chosen by Global Giving and crowd-funding votes to be on the Climate fund.

Congratulations! Due to Corals for Conservation’s tangible outcomes, long-term sustainability of the project through job training, and holistic approach, we are very pleased to announce that your project earned a spot in GlobalGiving’s first-ever Climate Action Fund cohort!
Austin Bowden Kerby

Yay, Austin – and Yay, Nancy – Fundraiser Extraordinaire!

*     *     *

FIJIAN WORD of the Week

Vutuniyau  (voo-too-nee-YOW)  means  “rich”

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody

*     *     *

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