9 May 2019

I cannot believe what a full week we’ve had when I look at the photos.

2019-05-03 Aus and Tagiyalo Vakaloloma at Ag in Nadi  RE.jpg

This is Austin and Agriculture Officer Tagiyaco Vakaloloma at the Nadi Ag Station.  We went to the agriculture station while our dog Po was in surgery.   Austin and Ms. Vakaloloma talked and talked (she is the mushroom specialist), while I played computer games…

2019-05-03 Ag in Nadi R.jpg

and wandered around a little.  This photo is of one shade house.  The ag station in Nadi is really beautiful.  Lots of well-kept buildings, cut lawns, tarps out with drying vegetation, fruiting trees, etc.   I played with my camera, but the photos didn’t turn out well.  So it goes.  I did not write down the ag officer’s name because I KNEW I’d remember it.  After a week, I forgot and had to search my memory.  Got it! and it will be the Fijian lesson this week 🙂

*      *      *

Slacker that I am, I didn’t get photos of Po at the vet’s.  However, here she is this morning, six days post op.  Happy and healthy with her bobbed tail.

2019-05-09 bobtail Po  Cr.jpg

Funny Po.  On the day of surgery she did not want to get into the car.  Austin put her puppy in and still was struggling to get her in.  She was anxious all the way to Nadi, and didn’t want to get out of the truck once we arrived.  Then she had surgery and was still pretty high on anesthesia when we left, lurching a bit on the way back to the truck.   NOW – every time we go out, she wants to get in the truck.  Ha ha.

*      *      *

Here is something that Austin brought back from Nadi Ag

2019-05-03 fake mangosteen from Nadi Ag  R.jpg

“False Mangosteen” is what he calls it.  He says that is what THEY call it.  Doesn’t taste a bit like mangosteen – just has a seed arrangement that is the same  We are now calling it “Sour Mangosteen” – which is a bit more descriptive, but still has to be wrong.  The fruit must have its own name somewhere.

*      *      *

Right as we had 3 different Teitei guest parties, George and Margaret came back to finish up the solar installation in the hatchery.

In these photos George is instructing Nicole, our Hatchery Officer, on how to monitor and care for the system, and what to do if there is a problem.  Each set of two panels has its own battery and its own power display.  The led lights are color coded – red lights go through red-labelled wire to red marked battery.  Blue with blue, green with green, yellow with yellow.   All goes into an “inverter” (not photographed because it is boring – ha ha).

Also not photographed is the candle-ing flashlight prototype that George made and brought – he gave that to Austin, and Austin uses it for making the dogs stop barking at night.  It is a strong light, and the dogs know Austin means business when he shines it out the window and yells “Shut UP!” at them.

*      *      *

Ashmita says, “Uncle, I can’t close the door!”

2019-05-08 toad in the door  R.jpg

Junia goes and takes care of it.

*      *      *

Yesterday, Biosecurity showed up  (exactly on time!) to do more testing of our flock.

2019-05-08 biosecurity check  R.jpg

There is some common illness they are trying to track.  We are pretty sure we have it – causes respiratory symptoms and sometimes affects the eyes.  Austin told them how he isolates the sick chickens, and they said he was doing good.   This disease does not  interfere with export permission since it is already found everywhere.

*      *      *

Also, yesterday – a really last minute deal – an entomological team came to visit the farm.   They were in insect heaven here, because we don’t use pesticides.  Austin, Junia and the team talked heaps.  I trailed them and got a few photos.

PhD student from Philippines taking avocado leaves.  Austin talking to a plant pathologist about what the new invasive ants are doing.   Those invasive ants colonizing every coconut tree.   Some little critters making windows in the coconut leaves.  Even a big hole in a coconut rib from rhinoceros beetles!!  And Austin showing off his bug collection from years ago here, when the beneficial insects were numerous.

*      *      *

As weird as a seven dollar bill.

Fiji Sevens Dollar Bill.png

Yes, minted currency, in circulation .

*      *      *


Tagi  (TANG-ee)  is “cry”

Yaco  is “happen” or “happening”

So Tagiyaco – the lady from agriculture must have been a fussy baby!


Vaka is “with”  and

Loloma is “love”

So her mother must not have been too bothered by her fussiness.  That’s my guess anyway, and it is why I was able to remember her name six days later.

*      *      *

Happy week, Everybody!

*      *      *

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