2 May 2019

I’ve got a blog full of people this week.

First off (forgive me), a selfie …. with Mr. Anote Tong, former president of Kiribati.  He is a hero for the ocean, establishing the largest marine protected area on the planet and getting it declared a World Heritage Site.

2019-04-26 Mr. Tong and I  Cr.jpg

What a blessing to get to meet this gentleman and to get to talk with him.

*     *     *

Remember George – the “Austin of mechanical stuff” who I blogged about a few months ago  (here)  ?   Now I have a photo of him.

2019-05-01 solar in hatchery 1  R.jpg

This is George and his lovely assistant Margaret.  They were at the farm for two days putting the solar batteries in for the hatchery.

George aims for Affordable and Durable – here is an example

2019-05-01 solar in hatchery 3  R.jpg

Whatever this electronic gizmo is, he has it housed in a FOOD CONTAINER!   It is waterproof, ant proof, durable, and only costs $10.

2019-05-01 solar in hatchery 2  R.jpg

Every unit is totally sealed, and the plastic cover for the “select” buttons was 3-D printed to fit exactly – and they made it to say “Teitei” – isn’t that sweet!

2019-05-01 sugar cane plastic  Cr.jpg

Speaking of plastic, the plastic that George uses in his 3-D printer is made from sugar cane waste, not petroleum.   It is strong and also biodegradable.  And when it burns, he says, it smells like candy floss !!

2019-05-01 coffee bottle flashlight 1  Cr.jpg

You’ll like this, too:  a flashlight housed in a small coffee bottle.  Insulation is some repurposed packing material.  Top is 3-D printed.  Guts are some high quality stuff I don’t understand.  There are little lights always on for finding it at night.  Low lights for getting around in the dark.  A USB charger port.

2019-05-01 coffee bottle flashlight 2  R.jpg

And a strong light that can illumine a room!

And they did not leave it behind.  Dang it.

*     *     *

Another person picture – has nothing to do with flora, fauna, farm or local culture, but geez….

2019-05-01 Mr Patches  Cr.jpg

He wears a really nice new shirt, and look at the shorts!

*     *     *

That same fellow, Mr Patches, was driving up Valley Road Sunday afternoon – and saw a goat get hit by a carrier that didn’t stop.  He knows the goat owner so he stopped to check.  The goat was alive so he put it in his truck and carried it back to the owner’s house.

2019-04-29 hit and run goat  Cr.jpg

Probably could not be saved, poor goat.  But at least there was now the opportunity to give him a good end.

And speaking of sick animals – Torsett has some infection going on and Po got her tail run over somehow.  Both have appointments at the vet in Nadi tomorrow.  I’ll give a report next week.

*     *     *

Better animal news …

2019-05-01 Piglet - no - that's Angel  Cr.jpg

Is this a PIGLET?  or just one Very Well-Fed Puppy?

*     *     *

FIJIAN WORD of the WEEK – and one more selfie

yalo – means “soul” or “spirit”

yaloyalo – is the word for “shadow”

This week I wrote my little story in Fijian to tell honorable Barefoot Professor about this photo

2019-04-29 Monica and Mom at the movies R.jpg

Dear daughter-in-law Monica took me to the movie.

In my story, I wrote

Au a lako ki na Village 6 vata kei Monica. I went to Village 6 with Monica.

Keirau a rai na movie – na yacana o “Breakthrough.”  We two (not you) saw a movie – the name was “Breakthrough.”

Sa vinaka na movie.  It was good the movie.

“Do you want to know the word for ‘movie’?”  he asked.

“NO” I said.  (not too much too fast)

“Really, you should learn it – you’ll like it.  It’s easy.”  he said.

“Ok,”  I gave in.

“Movie is yaloyalo.”  he told me and laughed.

The word for movie is “shadow” which is the same as “soul-soul” – ha ha ha.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *



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