25 April 2019

This is the picture everybody has been asking for:

2019-04-21 Angel 0 Cr

One very well-fed puppy – getting the milk for four.  Her mother went to the waterfall with Austin and some guests, and he called to tell us to take her up to the house to say hello.  I could have sworn his words were “PHOTO OP”

2019-04-21 Angel 1 Cr

Eyes not even open yet.    And her name is Angel.

2019-04-21 Angel 2 Cr

Because of the pair of wings on her back.  🙂

*     *     *

I found this charming

2019-04-19 neighbors planting Cr

Neighbors working together out in the field, planting.

*     *     *

A couple of poultry stories starring Austin.  First of all, how to clip a wing:

2019-04-21 clipping the wing 1 Cr

He was showing Faith, who was grossed out but watching anyway.  Pulled the wing out and clipped the feathers below the insertion point – it would be the pain equivalent to the hen of our trimming fingernails not too short, i.e. no pain.

2019-04-21 clipping the wing 2 Cr

Ta da!  One wing long and one wing short.  That’s what the farmer wants – now this hen will stop being an escape artist and will stay in her pen.  If both wings are clipped, the bird can still fly a bit, it just takes more effort – it is the inequality that grounds it.  (Which always reminds us of the quote from Baha’i Writings, “The world of humanity has two wings — one is women and the other men. Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly.”)

The other poultry story:  Austin saves a duckling.

2019-04-22 Austin saves a duckling Cr

The shell was stuck and he helped crack it enough for the duckling to poke his head out and get some air.  (Duck shells are very hard, and mother ducks often help their babies to hatch.)

*     *     *

Great Guest Suggestion:  put a rug around the pole so Daisy will stop scratching at the furniture.

2019-04-22 guest suggestion - Daisy's scratching post Cr

Yay!   It’s a start.

She’s the scratching-est kitty we ever had.

*     *     *

Isa, isa!

2019-04-24 Isa - out-of-business 1 Cr

The neighborhood store, the Bulatale Shop, which was closed for nearly a year, opened up the first of March, leased by a woman named Shital.

2019-04-24 Isa - out-of-business 2 R

Yesterday I saw this sign out front.

I asked her why she is closing so soon, and got a very quick little education on running a shop.  Rent is too high, revenues are too low.  Her daily sales are only about $70, and the markup is 10% so she only profits $7/day.  And one month’s rent is more than two months’ profit.  Can’t be done.

*     *     *


Oti  (oh-tee) – finished

Sogota  (sohng-oh-ta) – close

I’m not sure how to say “Bulatale Shop is closing.” (more or less)

Maybe – sa oti na Bulatale Shop   (it’s finished the …)

Or –  Na Bulatale Shop na qai sogota tiko.  (the shop will be closed staying)

OOPS – both of those “understandable” but not quite right, according to honorable Barefoot Professa.  What I need to say is:  Sa sogo na Bulatale shop.   (sogo is the root of sogota, which means To Close)

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

7 thoughts on “25 April 2019

  1. Hello Kim, Long time, no write. I have been very busy with my four jobs. I have been reading your blog but haven’t had time to actually write about it. This one was too special. I had to write about how cool the puppy was, and the experience of cutting the chicken’s feathers so they won’t fly out of the enclosure. I remember that from childhood. We always had chickens in the back yard. I also had to note the little duckling that Austin was handling. What a cute little creature. And I love cats, so the scratching post was dear to my heart. We had one cat that ruined the corner of a new couch by sharpening her claws. Anyway. I hope everything is well. Hope Guy and family are well, as well. Tell him hello. LG

    • Hi Larry! What a delight to.hear from you! Can’t believe you’re working 4 jobs; you’re supposed to be retired, Man! We are all well – and Guy and Mami and their TWO SONS are planning to visit in August. We have room for one more! Hint hint. Actually we have room for a lot more. … Also I’m really glad this post of the blog brought you joy. Lots of love, Kim

  2. Hi Kim,
    Glad to finally receive your blog today. I think I signed up a year ago. Hope you are well. Can you send information about staying in your guest house?


    Joyce Hatch

    • Hey Joyce!!! Happy to have you whenever you can get to Fiji. Easiest way is probably to.send a message on our Teitei Homestay Fiji facebook page. I finally gave away our Risk game….too bad. Haha. (Other friends and family also welcome to book through facebook page or Air BnB…. look for Teitei Permaculture Farm)

      Love, Kim

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