4 April 2019

2019-03-31 homestay sign  Cr.jpg

Behold the new Teitei Homestay sign!   This is my maiden effort at sign-making.  I thought it looked pretty good on the table.  Turns out from the road, the only thing that is visible is  TEITEI until you are right on it.  Oh well, it will do.

*     *     *

It’s a great week for entomologists.  Enjoy, enjoy (???)

2019-03-21 soursop with aphid problem  Cr.jpg

Some scale insect has moved in on our soursops.   Also our rambotans – that photo was so ugly I can’t bear to post it.   Austin says these scale insects are being farmed by the invasive ants that we accidentally brought from Suva.  On the bright side, these scale insects are not affecting the flesh of the fruit, which is tasty as ever.  And also on the bright side, they aren’t affecting the sale price, since we only grow them for our own use.  But it is bothersome.  We haven’t used agricultural chemicals on our farm in more than five years, and are not starting now just because of scale insects.  Austin is talking about making a spray of tobacco or chillie water.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

2019-04-01 pancake mix ant farm  R.jpg

Guess what this is.  It is the weevil version of an ant farm … in my homemade pancake mix.   They really like that whole meal flour!   I always wanted an ant farm, and my mother never would let me, so now I’m finally satisfied and can die happy.   Ha.

2019-04-03 spider pet  Cr.jpg

And THIS is a pet spider.  It’s a jumping spider that got on Austin, determined that Austin was non-threatening, and kept hanging around.  S/he also seemed interested in his/her picture on my camera!  A real cutie.

*     *     *

More from the invertebrate world, I met this little one on a walk down the road.

2019-03-31 snail  CrE.jpg

A snail, i.e. a slug with a shell.

*     *     *

On the productive side of life,  Nicole and Faith decided to revive the nursery.

2019-04-03 nursery work 1  R.jpg

Even though some of the shade cloth is torn and insects are getting in (repair to shade cloth now on the To Do List), they cleaned the orchid house out really well.  And they started planting.

2019-04-03 nursery work 2  R.jpg

They planted basil, cilantro, tomato, rambotan, avocado and moli Tahiti (a kind of orange).  Today they’ll be planting parsley, sage, lettuce, bok choy, kale, radish and cabbage.  Oh boy!

*     *     *

So much for the Smokers’ Bench.

2019-03-26 chickens on the smoking bench  Cr.jpg

*     *     *


Yes!  Io!    Cake  (THA-kay) which is “up” can be used for expectations as well as physical location.

A related word is cecere (theh-theh-reh) which means “high” (in physical position).

On top of is dela. (deh-la)

I just realized I never learned the word for “rainbow”!   Austin tells me it is drodrolagi  (nDROAn-DRO-lahng-ee).   Lagi (lahng-ee) means “sky” or “heaven”

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *



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