21 March 2019

2019-03-21 morning mist  R E.jpg

Lovely morning mist this morning!

*     *     *

I forgot to tell you that we have a terrific volunteer here named Faith!  I’ll introduce her properly next week.  I thought about her right now because of the walk we took.  We walked to the end of the road.  I was just exercising, Faith was looking around.

Look!  A goat eating the tree!

2019-03-15 kid eating leaves  R.jpg

Look!  The beautiful hibiscus!

2019-03-15 hibiscus in the sky  Cr-E.jpg

Yep.   I need to take folks on walks with me now.  It seems I’ve stopped looking.

*     *     *

I see chocolate in our future

2019-03-13 rinsing cocoa seeds  Cr.jpg

This is Austin rinsing some cocoa seeds.  They’ve now been sun dried and are now stored in the freezer.  By and by we’ll take them out and roast them and make chocolate.  Yum!

*     *     *

Progress continued with the tiling, and we were cut off from the kitchen.  But Rakesh is a clever fellow.

2019-03-17 bridge over fresh tiles  Cr.jpg

He made a bridge!   Glad I’m not afraid of heights – ha ha.

*     *     *


We have a lovely couple of Teitei guests who are Birders, Spencer and Manda Simmons

2019-03-21 Manda Simmons our Birder guest  Cr.jpg

Manda is also a wonderful photographer.  She very generously shared photos of several of the birds right around our house.

This is the White Collared Kingfisher.

DSCF4615 - White collared Kingfisher in tree from Manda  Cr.jpg

The Spotted Dove

DSCF4730 - spotted dove from Manda  Cr  E.jpg

The Polynesian Triller in a soursop tree.

DSCF4661 - Polynesian triller in soursop tree from Manda  Cr.jpg

The Vanikoro Broadbill looking over his shoulder

DSCF4628 - Vanikoro broadbill from Manda  Cr.jpg

The White Throated Dove

DSCF4674 - white throated dove from Manda  Cr E.jpg

And, finally,  Junia’s family totem bird, the Wattled Honeyeater, sitting in a betel nut tree.

DSCF4583 - Wattled honeyeater in betel nut from Manda - also Junia's totem bird  Cr.jpg


*     *     *


Sorry to say there are a few corrections to last week.  “Honorable Professor” wants to be known as “Barefoot Professor.”

And honorable Barefoot Professor tells me that O Rakesh sa cakacaka vinaka  means “Rakesh worked well.”  NOT “Rakesh works well.”   sa is past tense.   Dang it!  and there is no easy way to put it in present tense.

“Rain” is uca  (OO-tha)

“Fall” [literally “land” as verb] is  tau   (the “au” is prounced OW as in cow)

“It is raining” is  E tau na uca.     E  (eh)  is the present tense.

But you don’t use e  all that much.  Usually it is just dropped.

Sa vinaka na uca.    “The rain is good.”    That’s because you are not witnessing it live,  you are making a general reference.

*     *     *

Happy New Year,  fellow Baha’is!     And happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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