14 March 2019

My other blog took up all my blog-writing attention this week – so (to me) it looks like the farm blog is getting the dregs.   Like this:

2019-03-07 paralyzed spiders 1 Cr

Paralyzed spiders.   The mud-dauber wasp makes the adobe house for its eggs, and it paralyzes spiders to serve as food for the hatchlings.    This is just unappealing to me on so many levels!

Or this one:

2019-03-09 edible-maybe puff balls R

Puff Balls – supposedly edible.  Austin was inspired to hunt for them after eating the yummy Fiji-grown mushrooms last week.   In North America all puffball mushrooms are safe to eat.  His Google research was that these are, too –  lack of gills is supposed to be some kind of proof.  I was unconvinced and didn’t cook them.   Finally they shriveled up and got tossed.  🙂

*     *     *

I thought we were drowning in eggs last week – it was even worse this week.

Now 16 cartons in the fridge, trays 3-deep on the counter, and a basin of eggs.

2019-03-13 eggs galore 3 Cr

Plus a BUCKET of eggs clean enough and fresh enough to incubate.

There would have been a Really Big Deal this week, except Austin’s commercial lime powder was really crushed limestone instead of true chemical lime.  Austin learned that you can preserve eggs in lime water.  He was going to experiment with that bucket, but since his “lime” failed – the eggs just have to go in the incubator.   The experiment will have to wait.  But when it happens, we have hope that it will be spectacular !!!

*     *     *

What else is going on here is a massive mess!

2019-03-13 tiling 1 R

That’s my floor!

2019-03-13 tiling 2 Cr

And my brother Rakesh and our neighbor Roneesh laying down tiles.   I have homestay guests arriving in six days – is this place going to be decent???

*     *     *

FIJIAN Word of the Week

Cakacaka (THA-ka-THA-ka)   means “work”

O Rakesh kei Roneesh sa cakacaka levu.

[signifier] Rakesh and Roneesh work a lot.

O rau sa cakacaka vinaka.

They (two) work well.

(If Honorable Professor – Junia – gives me any corrections, I’ll put them in next week.)

*     *     *

In my opinion, the better stuff already went out in my other blog, in case you are curious – here are the more “Flora and Fauna”-related posts:

2019-03-03 Betty hissing at Daisy Cr

Daisy cat  and   Courage

2019-03-06 nautilus Cr

The nautilus shell  in Gifts

2019-03-08 binding done R

My first stab at hand quilting in Fortieth

2019-03-12 black hands Cr

Mishap with the black paint in Crap Happens

Angel Junia effects

Daisy saved by a Hero in Avenging Angel

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody !

*     *     *

4 thoughts on “14 March 2019

  1. The black hands look interesting. Great photo.
    The mushrooms look interesting too – but I wouldn’t eat them as well. I’m always careful with mushrooms. 🙂

    • What I need for the mushrooms is a tester animal. Would mushrooms that would kill me kill a mongoose? We’re going to kill every mongoose we catch anyway. But we might need to dress the mushroom up like an egg or a chick before the mongoose would eat it.

      • Put some feathers on them, or stick them inside and egg shell. The point is that the mongooses are always eating our eggs and our chicks, and as carnivores they are not likely to go for the mushrooms.

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