7 March 2019


2019-03-04 mushrooms of Fiji Cr

Fiji grown mushrooms!  Some visitors from Pacific Islands Development Forum came to check out the farm, and they brought these along.  Yummy!   Austin wants to grow some, and can learn how from the Agriculture Station in Nadi.  (a good use for the orchid house!)

*     *     *

Chicken mower.

2019-03-02 Chicken mower R

Austin wanted me to take this photo of the big chicks in the mobile rearing pen and to show how tall the grass is that they eat down.   Slower than a weed whacker, but effective, and no raking needed.

*     *     *

Empty nest syndrome.

The hatchery is closed because the fertility is low during the summer heat – so no new chicks – so nobody in these mobile rearing pens.

2019-03-02 empty nest R

It just seems so odd to have so many empty cages.

*     *     *

Simultaneous “overstuffed” nest syndrome.

The hens have not stopped laying, just slowed down to about a quarter of their output, and it is already on the rise again.  So it isn’t that we don’t have eggs.  We do.

Good Lord, how many eggs can we eat?

Dr. Smarty Pants wants me to explain that it is our summertime, and it is the hens’ annual molt, when they change their feathers.  They do this every summer, and we close the hatchery every February and March.

*     *     *

Bee Inspection Officers

I think these guys are with biosecurity.  Austin told me they were coming, but I’d forgotten.  They appeared one morning, checking the hive right beside our house.  Looking for some invasive mite that could cause the collapse of bee-keeping in Fiji if it gets out of control.

2019-03-05 bee inspector visit R

This was right beside our house, and you see the one guy leaving.  The bees had gotten really aggressive.  Because I stopped to get the photo, I ended up with a bee in my hair, and a kiss-sting on my head.

The good news is:  we do not have those mites.   Yay.

Dr. Smarty Pants:  it is the varoa mite, and is already on the coral coast in one village.

*     *     *


Lala means “empty.”   Think of someone being in La-La Land – that’s kind of empty-headed, yes?   Lala is an easy word.

Vale (VAH-lay) is “house”.

Lailai  (LIE-lie) is “small”


Sa lala na vale ni toa.   is  “the chicken house is empty”  (is empty the house of chicken)

That’s not what I actually WANT to say.  I want to say the chicken CAGE is empty, but I don’t know the word for “cage” so I use the word for “house”

Normally, I would try “little house” for cage, but there is a problem with that in Fijian.

If I say “sa lala na vale lailai ni toa.”   I’m saying  “the chicken’s bathroom is empty,

because vale laiali  (little house) means “bathroom.”   Ha ha.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

4 thoughts on “7 March 2019

    • Unfortunately the mite pretty well established in central division already – but in the west it is only in the one coral coast village. We are happy biosecurity is actively trying to keep it from coming up into the valley.

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