28 February 2019

No flora this week.  Instead two fauna and another language lesson.

Do I start with the sweet or the grim?

Ok, the grim.

2019-02-25 another dead bird  Cr.jpg

I found another dead bird on the main road.  Fourth find, fourth species.  Last time was two years ago (9 March 2017) a honey eater. Before that was an owl that Austin had probably been responsible for with rat poison, and before that was a kingfisher waaaaay down the road.


The one this week was a myna – right where the owl and honey-eater had been:  in front of Lata’s pink house, for those of you who know our road.   Dr. Smarty Pants says the only explanation is that they were hit by fast traveling cars along that straight stretch of road.

*     *     *

Now for the sweet:


2019-02-26 Daisy R

Austin brought her home for a present for me.  She is a tough little feline.  She won’t give the dogs an opportunity to attack her, and Betty Cat has been dislodged from her favorite chair.    She also has the stinkiest gas of any cat we ever had – giving an ironic twist to the phrase “fresh as a Daisy.”   Ha.

*     *     *


Mate (mah-tay) is “dead”

Sa mate na manumanu vuka.   The bird is dead.  Literally, “is dead the animal [that] flies”

Isa, isa.   Alas, alas.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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