21 February 2019

2019-02-18 blooming path to pavilion R

Lots of work done on the path to the pavilion, including putting in euphorbias.  Some are now in bloom – beautiful!

*     *     *


A couple of months ago the US Embassy contacted Austin asking for our physical address, and Austin told them the address of our Suva house.  A few days later they delivered a present, which Akka received on our behalf, and held for us.  We got it this week.

2019-02-15 Embassy Xmas present 1 Cr

A nice gift bag containing a sturdy coffee thermos with US Department of State logo and a reusable tin of M&M’s with US Department of State logo.   Inside the tin:

2019-02-15 Embassy Xmas present 2 R

Darling red, white and blue M&M’s all saying “USA.”    Cute.

(Is it too grumpy to wish that the country of manufacture would also be USA?  It wasn’t.)

*     *     *


Oh Boy!

2019-02-19 mangosteen 1 Cr

Mangosteens.  Fully ripe.  From our trees.   A little over a year ago I reported that they were blooming, but we didn’t get any fruit last year.  Now, finally – it’s been about 10 years since Austin planted the trees –  TA DA :

2019-02-19 mangosteen 2 Cr


*     *     *


Yaca  (ya-tha) – means “name”

I’ve gotten pretty good at speaking Fijian finally, and when I picked up a lady who needed a ride, I chatted with her in Fijian and asked her name:

O cei na yacamu?    “Which the name-yours?” – the proper way to ask.

She replied.

Na yacaqu o [something really long I was never going to remember].   “The name-mine is…..”

So I asked her in English what people call her.  She replied in English that I should just call her by her last name.


Her last name is  Rabo.

If you remember what I’ve told you about Fiji spelling, you’ll know that her last name is RAMBO.


*     *     *

Happy week, Everybody.

*     *     *

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