14 February 2019


It was a good week for guests —  actually, it is often a good week for guests and I just don’t say anything, but this week most of my photos are guest related.

2019-02-08 HC workshop from Ba - Mere Ani Mere Jim Jo Epeli and Glenn Cr

We had another Happy Chicken workshop, this time with folks from Ba – a province to the west.   One of the gents is a close relative of Ratu, who works for us.  The ladies know Monica, my daughter-in-law, well because they all come from Vatukola, the gold mining village.

While they were here, we also got a Teitei guest – an intrepid elder from England, who both enjoyed the villagers AND wanted to go out and explore every day.  Somehow I volunteered to guide her to the waterfall.

2019-02-07 intrepid guest waterfall hike R

So did our younger dogs.

(Tarsi sat this one out, perhaps recalling her river tribulations from last month.)

I had forgotten what a long trek it is to the waterfall.   Really not easy.  Lesley was still raring to go, and I was pooped!  That’s what zumba does for her.  Wish there were a class here.

And more “guests” …. Kiki decided he HAD to come visit the farm, so his dad brought him.  In his explorations of the old home turf he found something incredible he just HAD to share with Grammy.

2019-02-10 Kiki's chicken house wasps Cr

A wasp nest!  In a chicken villa.

More folks – friends from the coast came up to visit, so Austin tried frying up some Malabar chestnuts to share with them.

2019-02-10 Malabar chestnuts Cr

We had eaten Malabar chestnuts (nuts from the “money tree”) before, but this was the first time we tried cooking them.  Actually when our friends came, we put them in the fried rice.

*     *     *


Veisiko  (vay-see-ko) – visit

I finally did it!  I went and spent the night in a Fijian home and didn’t speak English …. called it my “stress trip” – to push me to use the language.   I’m much better than I thought I was!  Woo hoo!

Other words I learned on this trip

Vakarau (va-ka-rOW)  – ready    (au = “ow” as in “I got hurt, ouch!”)

Tubutubu (toom-boo-toom-boo) – parents

Taunamu  (tOW-na-moo) –  mosquito net ….  tau means “to land” and namu means “mosquito”

2019-02-13 waiting for a van at end of stress trip R

This was where I sat at 9 in the morning, waiting for a minivan to take me home.  I had no sooner taken this photo than a van pulled up, ready to leave right that minute.   Lucky me!   Kalougata!

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *




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