7 February 2019

2019-02-04 Myrah feeding geese 1 R

We have a new helper.  In case you can’t see, here is a close up.

2019-02-04 Myrah feeding geese 2 Cr

This is Myrah – Vina’s little granddaughter – feeding the geese.  She is utterly unafraid, which is amazing considering how the geese scare off people much larger than she is.  The geese are nice and gentle with her.

*    *    *

I got a lot of comments last week about the carved fern logs.  Some people were commenting on how well they held up.  Actually, “holding up” is an identifying quality of fern logs.  They are SOOOOO durable.  They have an honored place in traditional Fijian construction – they are placed at the ends of the thatched roof.  Not weight bearing, just decorative – and mandatory on the house of a chief.

bure with fern logs out the top stock

*    *    *


Myrah and the geese made me decide what to share.   The word for “goose” or
“geese” super easy.  As are the names of a few more animals.

I will give you the names for   goose,  bull,  lamb,  goatsheep and  cow.   (One of the names does double duty – so there will be five names).   See if you can match the Fijian name to the correct animal:

Bulamakao  (bull-a-ma-cow)

Lami  (lam-ee)

Qisi  (ngGee-see)

Me  (meh)

Sipi (see-pee)

*    *    *

Happy week, everybody.

*    *    *

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