20 December 2018

I’m starting a new solar orbit today by the calendar – physically tomorrow because of having crossed the dateline from where my solar orbits started….   Tonight there will be pizza!

*     *     *

Only one photo in my phone this week – a real oddball photo.

2018-12-15 snowing feathers Cr

This is a little section (with good contrast) but the whole back yard looks like this – snowed under with feathers.


The geese or the ducks or both are pulling their feathers out like crazy, because I never saw such a feather-fall with just chickens.

Maybe they are nervous?  Maybe they are angry?  (I’m trying to think of what situations go with “I’m pulling my hair out over this”….)   Maybe frustrated in love?   Beats me.

*     *     *

In any event, Happy week, everybody!

And … Vakanuinui Vinaka na Siganisucu    (Merry Christmas – in Fijian

*     *     *


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