13 December 2018

Doing this chronologically – Dixie and I went to Suva and I took her to the museum.  There was ONE THING that I noticed that I’d never noticed before:

2018-12-06 fake tabua - museum R

Fake !!!   Lasulasu !!!  I never knew !!!  Fake tabuas – whale’s teeth.  Worth hundreds of dollars if real, but there are genuine-looking fake ones.  The information sheet to the right says that you can tell because the fake one is made of plastic and it melts when put to flame.  Sheesh!  Scammers in Fiji.  I really never knew.

*     *     *

Ashmita, our kitchen angel, really gave making dhal balls (I forget the actual name) her best shot.

2018-12-09 Ashmita valiant try 1 Cr

She’d soaked the dhal and was ready to grind it – when the power went out.

So she found an old manual grinder on a shelf and wanted to use it, except it hadn’t been used for years, and was probably not cleaned well either.

2018-12-09 Ashmita valiant try 2 R

So she washed it and ground a couple of tomatoes through it.  I was very hopeful.

2018-12-09 Ashmita valiant try 3  Cr.jpg

Then she tried grinding the dhal.  Ick.  Grinder still dirty.   She made the dhal into soup.  Oh well.

Then she really took the grinder apart and cleaned it really well later.  She says she loves the old grinders – her grandmother had one, and they are really good.   So maybe we’ll try it again some time.

*     *     *

I’ve been wanting to get a photo of Quasimodo, our crook necked gosling, for you.   Nicole got this shot.

2018-12-11 Quasimodo from Nicole Cr

And I got this one

2018-12-09 Quasimodo from Kim Cr

Quasi still gets around ok, and still eats ok, but it is getting more difficult.

*     *     *

2018-12-10 fender bender NOT Kim R

OOPS ….. it was not me!  That’s all I’m going to say.

*     *     *

Took a guest to the beach and there was a dead starfish on the sand up by where we park the car.   Dead.  I didn’t look twice.  But Junia did.

2018-12-11 six legged starfish Cr

It was a six-armed starfish!  Very unusual!

*     *     *

And today – the biggest chicken egg I can remember having seen.

2018-12-12 gigantic chicken egg 1 Cr

Soooooo – did it have one yolk inside, or two?

2018-12-12 gigantic chicken egg 2 joke R

It had THREE !!!

(Just joking – lasulasu – that is a fake)

2018-12-12 gigantic chicken egg 3 true R

This is what was really in the egg – just two yolks and enough egg white for two normal eggs.

*     *     *


You should know what it is.  It is lasulasu.  If you don’t remember, scroll up.  Heck, scroll to the top!

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

7 thoughts on “13 December 2018

    • Double-yolk eggs are fairly common – kind of like human twins. Austin found a REALLY rare egg once that had another whole egg – with shell – inside it…. but I was traveling and no one got a photo.

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