6 December 2018

HA!  It was another impossibly busy week, and the only photos in my phone are of paint to match – even I’m not interested in that any more…   BUT – I have a wonderful guest who took photos on her farm tour with Junia and even added commentary.

Therefore, I offer you “Farm Tour Impressions by Dixie!”

Dixie teenage chicks

(Dixie’s chicks.  ha ha.  She went for the “teenagers” instead of the hatchlings)

Here, Junior was telling me about why it is important to keep the young chickens separated from the others because of the “pecking” order, no pun intended, haha! Since they are secluded, they are able to be properly fed. If not, the older chickens would pick on them leading to improper feeding.

I even got to hold a chicken for the first time!

Dixie sacred mountains

From the pavilion, Junior told me about the two sacred mountains that are untouched. I find it amazing how those certain peaks used to be coral reefs. The chiefs realized that they were different than the other peaks and wanted to protect them. They are untouched to this day.

(That was news to me – because I do not listen.  Never knew that those mountains are “sacred”!)

We also talked about the different between Permaculture and Monoculture farming. I learned that many farmers in Fiji farm for exporting, but that this is just short term. They only farm what the exporters want in order to make money. But with Permaculture, it is self sustainable, and can last for long term.

Dixie sweet potato

Sweet potato!

Dixie physics tree - poison peanut

The Physics Tree! Thought to be poisonous by locals, the nut on this tree, though supposedly delicious, can be used to help out with your constipation haha!

(Oho!  I KNOW this one.  I blogged about it in one of my very earliest posts:  https://ffwrfromfiji.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/22-august-2013/   I called it the “poison peanut”)

Dixie drinking coconut

We ended the tour with fresh and delicious coconut! While enjoying my coconut, I learned how it is considered the Tree of Life by some. Every part of the tree can be used..to make oil, sugar, torches, and more! And the coconut water was scrumptious too 🙂

(Dixie told me she scored TWO drinking coconuts at the end of her farm tour.  I don’t know why I mentioned it to Junia, but he told me what happened:  he decided to try opening the coconut Malaysian style – and the coconut water ended up dribbling down Dixie’s shirt.  He asked her if she’d like a second one, and she said “SURE” – so he opened that one Fiji style.  Sometimes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)

*     *     *


Tokani means “friend”

O Dixie na noqu tokani.    Dixie is my friend.   Junia says I acutally wrote that correctly.  Could have also been   O Dixie na noqu i tokani  – but doesn’t have to have that “i” (ee) = “the” in there.   (I probably sound a bit like Yoda in Fijian)

*     *     *
Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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