6 September 2018

SURPRISE – I’m back so soon.

And NO – nobody sent any photos or news from home … But I’m blogging anyway because I had a treat I wanted to share.  I got to volunteer for a day on a local farm !  Oh goody !  Take a vacation from the farm to go to a farm – ha ha ha.

A visit to see the new piggies had my eyes popping out of my head:

2018-09-02 Some Pig with piglet Cr

What a humongous sow!  I expected to see a cobweb announcing “Some Pig”

I had the delightful-to-me job of getting to organize some storage.

2018-09-02 Canadian chicken - eh Cr

And then a curious party wandered in.  AW…. made me feel right at home.

And fun:  Tools and signage.

2018-09-02 In Case of Zombies R

In case you can’t read it – the big letters say “In Case of Zombies”

2018-09-02 In Case of Zombies Cr

And this is the fine print.

After the sorting and organizing, I got to break up garlic for planting.  My bigger grandkids and their dad did a lot of weeding.  The kids also did stick-picking-up and tractor riding.  We scored a tour, a delicious lunch, and a bunch of organic produce and meat to take home.   Way more going on that my few photos share show.

This wonderful place is Laurica Farm.  Here is their Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/lauricafarm/?ref=br_rs

And of additional interest there is the house they are building out of hemp!  They have a page for that, too:  https://www.facebook.com/lauricafarmhemphouse/?ref=br_rs

*     *     *


First, I want to you remember that Vinaka vakalevu  means  “thank you very much” – and literally, word by word, means “good with plenty”  because vinaka  means “good”  vaka means “with”  and levu  means “big” or “a lot”.   OK?

So the word for this week is  Vuaka  (voo-AH-ka).   It means “pig.”    Probably the sentence I should say is  Sa levu na vuaka.   (“Is big the pig.”)     But I’m not going to.  I’m going to say

Vuaka  Vakalevu

and wait and see if anyone corrects me.  🙂

*     *     *

Happy week (or more), everybody.  I may be gone now until 25 October … or not.

*     *     *