2 August 2018

Ugly Photo Warning – I didn’t get even one pretty photo this week.

2018-07-29 water power box R


This is the power box for the neighborhood water pump.  It is at our house.  Before we moved here, back when the house was empty, neighbors would come up to turn on the pump for half an hour every morning and evening.  That became our job when we moved in 11 years ago.  Austin soon got tired of it and bought the timer.   This week, the timer stopped working, so we (Austin) by-passed the timer.  About midnight he checked and the pump did not work.  OH NO!!!   Had he left the pump on and burned it out?   (Ugh – $2000-$3000 to replace it and cannot ask neighbors to help bear the cost for OUR mistake.)   At dawn he called Roneesh to check and alerted him that they’d need to source a new pump.

Roneesh called back 10 minutes later:  The pump was just disconnected.  YAY!  Pump still functions.  And somehow so does the timer now, too!   WHEW!

*     *     *

2018-07-31 septic tank hole R


This will be a septic tank.  Our friend Ratu dug this basically in one day – by himself.  Junia was looking for Ratu – couldn’t find him – was calling his name, but Ratu is hard of hearing.  Finally Ratu heard Junia and called out “help!”   He was down in his hole and couldn’t get out!

*     *     *

2018-07-28 new nest Cr


This one decided to use the car seat for a nest.  We are getting an egg a day there.   And…..

many people had theories about how the egg got on my bed last week with it NOT being a hen’s visit.  Well, I went to put away a suitcase (a door separates the bed from the luggage spot).

2018-08-01 proof of chicken upstairs R

No child put chicken poo on that suitcase….

*     *     *

2018-08-01 roof for pizza oven R


Awwww.  Guy came back from Japan to put a roof over his pizza oven.

*     *     *


You remember siganisucu?  “birthday.”

Mataka is “tomorrow.”

Translate:    Na siganisucu  o  Austin   ni   mataka. 

The word that means “love”   loloma  is the same word used for “gift” –  so when I say I don’t have any presents for Austin, I’m also saying I don’t have any love for him.  Oh no! Better remedy that today!

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *


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