26 July 2018


2018-07-21 egg on bed 1 R

Went back to my bedroom mid-morning and found this gift on my bed.  What the heck!

This never happened before – but it did happen once again the next day.   This is weird.

In brief, the path to my bed is (1) through the “chicken proof” porch door and across the porch, (2) through the front door that is usually closed,  (3) sharp left through a dark little hall,  (4) sharp right past the dressers toward the windows, (5) hairpin turn to the right and up the oversized stairs, and (6) onto the bed.   And then out again … and without getting caught.  Gee whiz!

*     *     *

Went to a neighbor’s wedding, but I was herding grandchildren.

2018-07-21 Leo in sling Cr

Missed all the puri making because of this sweetie pie breaking his arm (falling off the LOWER bunk of a bunkbed while playing).

And found myself smitten with this little gentleman (someone else’s grandson) in his good suit.

2018-07-21 toddler in suit 1 Cr

Moments later, he was DONE.

2018-07-21 toddler in suit 2 Cr

*     *     *


Vina brought a shy neighbor – Ashmita – to come help me clean.  Ashmita is a Wonder Woman!

Behold the before and after on one of my windows:

2018-07-23 Ashmita - wonder cleaner  Cr.jpg

I’m over the moon!

*     *     *

Last night was the last night for most of the grandkids, so a bonfire and marshmallows.

2018-07-25 last night bonfire R

Burning up the old dry flora.

*     *     *

And this morning – Austin told me to take this one.

2018-07-26 mongoose tail or soldier grass R

“Mongoose tail” or “Soldier grass”   The story is that the soldiers brought this plant because the seeds (tails) were good for packing weaponry and also for making life jackets.

*     *     *


Mongoose is manipusi.    Tail is bui (BOO-ee).  Mongoose tail is  bui ni manipusi.

Fire is bukawaqa (BOO-ka, WANG-ga).    And the word for Friday is vakarabuka  (VA-ka-ram-BOO-ka) – indicating it is the day to gather firewood.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

5 thoughts on “26 July 2018

    • That was my first thought, too, but they all denied it (and looked at me like I must be crazy). The second day my daughter-in-law chased a chicken out of my house, and the second egg was on the bed. No more eggs since I’ve been vigilant about keeping the door closed.

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