19 July 2018

2018-07-14 visiting heron Cr

Four items this week – and I have both Flora AND Fauna.  Kind of proud of myself.

From the order in the camera:  first it is FAUNA.   This is a heron, or something close to it – that swooped by and settled onto a tree in front of me on the hill.  I asked Austin and he said they come from the coast pretty often because we have a pond.   “Pretty often,” eh?  I guess if I keep watching I may notice everything … eventually.

*     *     *

2018-07-16 another morning light show Cr

Another morning light show.  I’ve been going up to the pavilion most mornings at dawn.  Usually we have had splendid red and gold cloud displays.   “Red at morning, sailors take warning,” is the old wisdom, but we only got one light rain one afternoon.

*     *     *

At the beach, my daughter comes to impress a guest:  “Henna grows here.”

“What?!”  I exclaim.

She puts it in my hand:

2018-07-16 henna bush grows here 1 Cr

“It’s growing by our kitchen,” she tells me.  “You didn’t know?”

No I didn’t.

Here is the bush at the beach.

2018-07-16 henna bush grows here 2 Cr

I forgot to look here at the farm.

My daughter says she knows about it because her classmates in high school showed her.  She says they said their grandmothers rubbed it in their hair for a free dye job.

*     *     *

Finally – the most beautifully packed parcel I have ever received by mail.  Books from India.

2018-07-18 Beautiful parcel from India 1 R


The parcel is wrapped in wide-weave cotton cloth.

2018-07-18 Beautiful parcel from India 2 R

See how it is stitched together and has sealing wax!    Wow!

*     *     *


Beautiful is totoka.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

11 thoughts on “19 July 2018

  1. How is it Thursday again already? It’s lovely to see your finds, especially the henna. What a wonderfully wrapped parcel. A very long time ago when I sent parcels from New York, the post office required me to seal them with wax.

  2. Well Kim, It has been a while since I have written on your blog. I have been very busy with work, a broken toe, etc. Ha. I do read them every time, however. I still would love to come and visit. I haven’t had much time to travel this last year. I spent a lot of money on my house, so that limited me somewhat. Hope your family is doing well. I think about Guy often and would love to hear from him sometime. You mentioned Henna. My Grandmother’s hair was an auburn color when I was little. When I was an adult I realized she was dying her hair with a weed in the yard. (Henna)

    • Hi Larry – that is so funny to know that henna was growing in the US and being used there as well! Totally a “grandma” thing. Sorry about your toe …. Guess what – Guy, Mami and kids are here right now! I’ll pass on your greetings. Next effort is to get them here next July – so that is the month to shoot for. Lots of love.

  3. Just saw a heron catch a fish in a lake in a park. That was amazing. But, of course, I didn’t have my camera with me. 🙂
    The picture of the sunrise is amazing. Great colours.

    • So sweet to think of herons on both sides of the planet being spotted by the two of us. But how can you NOT have your camera with you? Downgrade to a phone! (just kidding).

      • Well, I do photos on the phone – but post them on Instagram only. 🙂
        The camera is quite heavy so depending where I’m going, I’m not always taking it.

      • For YOUR stuff, I might consider going to Instagram. But, no. Can’t. Lose too much time at the computer as it is. If any of the phone photos turn out well, I hope you’ll put them on your blog.

      • Well, on the left side you can see the last 4 pictures I posted on Instagram.
        Maybe I post a collection on the blog one day or other.

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