12 July 2018

2018-07-07 grubs Cr

I wandered over to the kitchen one morning, only to see this plate full of grubs.  Coconut rhinoceros beetle grubs.  I blogged about coconut rhinoceros beetle grubs before, many years ago – gee whiz, it was one of my first blogs!  25 July 2013    Maybe the grubs are a seasonal delicacy?!  We did not eat these guys.  We did taste them five years ago (I’ll confess it now) – the taste was not bad, but …..  (nah, it’s too early in the morning to go into details.) (gag)

*     *     *

2018-07-08 dust bath Cr

I thought I saw some hens attacking another hen at the bottom of the bank beside our house.  I would have sworn they were all pecking at the loser.

I went to get Austin but by the time I found him, no hen was under attack.  Austin did not believe me.  “Was there blood?” he asked.   “Uh, no…” I replied.

We watched the remaining hens for a few minutes.  “They’re taking a DUST BATH,” he announced,   “in that rotted tree trunk.”

Go figure.  But I KNOW I saw one getting pecked.  Maybe they were pecking out feather lice or something….

*     *     *

2018-07-11 another chicken deterrent R

The never-ending quest to keep the chickens out of the human areas.  The screen above the gate worked for my porch.  Now the ice cream tub lids are serving as a deterrent at the laundry room gate.   Clever!

*     *     *


After years of observation and contemplation, I have finally decided to institute a “new” temperature scale that is suitable for the tropics, based on the freezing point of coconut oil.

Coconut oil gets hard, or “freezes,” at approximately 23.5o Celsius or 72o Fahrenheit.  That is 0o Niu  (pronounced, “new” – which is Fijian for “coconut” – since the C has already been used.)  In my Coconut Scale – 1 degree N = about 1 degree F or about 0.5 degree C.  Yes, I know it gets inaccurate the further from zero you go, but that’s ok.  This is a scale of COMFORT, not a scale for carrying out sensitive engineering operations.

24-07-14 cake 3 R

Here is a photo of frozen and not frozen coconut oil from July 2014.  (Amazing how I’m finding all these companion photos from July’s of yesteryear…. or maybe not so amazing since we are in the depths of winter.)

2018-07-11 almost zero degrees Niu - coconut R

Here is a photo of coconut oil in my kitchen at four in the afternoon.  The temperature must have been around  5o N (five degrees Coconut).  This was causing the previously frozen oil to be melting.

2018-07-12 freezing coconut oil R

Just as with water, both freezing and melting start from the edges, so it is easy to tell whether temperature is rising or falling by the location of what is frozen.  This one is in process of freezing.

Anyway,  on the Coconut (Niu) Scale – the average daytime temperature is around 10o N, (which is 83o F  or 28o C).   Normal tolerable temps for us tropical softies is 0o  N to 15o N (that is 73-88o F or 23-31o C).

For excess heat – well, we’re tropical.  We just head for the shade and turn on the fan, and wait for sunset.   But for the excess cold … that is tough.

At -5o N, we are wearing sweaters and using blankets.  At -12o N  we are using three blankets, and claim we can see our breath.   At -20o Coconut we really can see our breath and we think we are going to die.  And it is not very kind when relatives from Canada and Japan are still walking around in shorts and calling us wimps.   MINUS 20 COCONUT (53o F or 14o C) is PAINFUL STUFF.

*     *     *

2018-07-08 grandchildren R

All seven grandchildren – in their Happy Canada Day t-shirts, and imported colorful cowboy hats.  And Granddaddy.

*     *     *

Fijian Word of the Week

Niu  (“new”) = coconut

Wai (“wye”) = water

Waiwai (“WYE-wye”) = oil

So coconut oil is waiwai ni niu.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.  Stay warm (or cool).

*     *     *








5 thoughts on “12 July 2018

  1. Cute. It was -20 coconut here this morning The high yesterday was 61. It was fairly cold in my apartment last night. I am sitting with my friend Arlene who is on the oncology ward in Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. I am not really sure why her family wants her to have someone sit with her all the time while she is here, but I am doing my share. She has lung cancer and is 81. She had three days of chemo and four radiation treatments and then a GI bleed. She looks terrible even after six units of blood. I think she needs a couple more. At first they said 1-2 years was her prognosis. I doubt she is going to make it out of here after this first round of treatment. It is sad but she has had a full life and was still working until she got sick with what they called pneumonia about six weeks ago. No one gets out of here alive but she is pretty miserable. Love the grandkids especially the ones I know for me and don’t get too cold. Hugs, Steph

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    • I’m happy you like my Coconut Temperature Scale 🙂 Will certainly give Aunt Stephanie hugs to the kids who know you. And as for Arlene, it is probably a real comfort to have a friend nearby. I know I would find that the case. Lots of love, Kim

  2. I do like your coconut temperature scale. The coconut oil may have turned to perma frost if it had been here the other morning when it was -3 C. Belated Happy Canada Day. Did the grubs make a meal for the chickens?

    • The coconut oil is permafrost in any “temperate” winter …. too icy for me!! Thanks for the Canada Day wishes. We didn’t get the photos done until it was already belated here, too. ha ha. And yes, the grubs did go to the chickens. Lucky chickens.

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