7 June 2018

2018-05-31 moon mist mountain morning R

Moon Mist Mountain Morning

*     *     *

I hardly took photos this week.  More family arrived, and more guests, and a party.

What I really missed (Austin kept telling me to go get photos) was Leo’s Garden!  Something about peanuts????   Anyway, yesterday chickens got in there and trampled most of the bok choy.  Mami was sad and Guy was calling it a “bad luck day.”  I’ll try to get some garden photos next week – if it’s not totally destroyed.

*     *     *

This is the way we roll.  Here is my latest Gate Latch.

2018-06-03 gate latch that works R

Desperate to keep the dogs off our porch at night, my most recent iteration is wedging a pole between gate and post, and anchored in the framing.  The dogs cannot pull the gate open, nor can they jump it.  Yay!   (Now to keep the chickens off.)

*     *     *

Update on the mongoose situation.  Austin has killed 4 mongooses in the last two weeks.  There are only one or two still assaulting our poultry.

*     *     *

More construction:  a Tree House!

2018-06-01 tree house in progress Cr

I was going to use this in the “history of the construction” report, except this is where construction has stalled, and the lead carpenter leaves on Tuesday … so we’ll have to see if we get more house or if this is it.

*     *     *

2018-06-05 pizza oven in use 1 Cr

PIZZA oven.  HOT fire.

2018-06-05 pizza oven in use 2 Cr

YUMMY pizza.   Totally worth the work to make that oven.

*     *     *

Fijian Word of the Week

Maleka  (ma-LEH-ka) means “delicious”

Maleka sarega (ma-LEH-ka  sa-reng-AH) bumps it up a level to “truly delicious”

*     *     *

Have a happy week, everybody – with some treats that are maleka sarega.

*     *     *


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