29 March 2018

2018-03-25 river swim Cr

We started having swimming lessons with some of the young neighbors in our pool.  But the pool got yucky and we had to drain and clean it, so now we are going to the river.  I find this a bit worrisome, but with Junia along, it is less scary.  He’s one strong swimmer.

*     *     *


A dear friend showed up, and so I decided to go on the farm tour with her.   Here are a few photos I grabbed from that walk.

2018-03-26 young birds what is coconut Cr

Actually, we had only gone to the hilltop when I already wanted a drinking coconut.  Junia obliged, getting some for all three of us.  Afterward he opened them for the chickens … and these young chickens had no idea it was food.  Some mature birds outside were going for another half that Ju put there, so the young ones finally got the idea.

2018-03-26 cocoa pods Cr

Cocoa pods hanging on a tree.

2018-03-26 near ripe rabotan R

Rabotan – ready for harvest in another ten days or so.  Woo hoo.

*     *     *

OUR DOGS – from oldest to youngest

2018-03-29 Tarsi R

Tarsi – the mother, grandmother, great grandmother of them all.

2018-03-24 Torsett Cr

Torsett – the oldest of the offspring, and alpha male

2018-03-29 Gogo Cr

Gogo – dog facing down.  He is a sweetie, but gets really beat up by Torsett.

2018-03-24 Po Cr

Po – the female that Junia insisted on keeping.

2018-03-23 Winky and babes 1 R

Winky – daughter of Po and Torsett (or maybe Gogo).  Just had her second litter.  First litter was born under breadfruit tree roots, if you recall.  There was room at the inn this time.

2018-03-23 Winky and babes 2 R

The pups nursing.

2018-03-23 Winky and babes 4 Cr

Lightning – Austin’s favorite of Winky’s pups.  But he got lost and cold.  Austin gave him a warm bath and put him in the incubator with the baby ducks … but he didn’t make it.  Too bad.

*     *     *

In twelve weeks it will be the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of me writing the Flora and Fauna Weekly report.  I have not missed a week.  That’s plenty.  So for now and the next eleven weeks, I will do the blog and feature one aspect of the farm (this week: Dogs).  At the end of the 12 weeks, I will probably leave this as an archive, and move on to something new.

Happy week, y’all.

*     *     *



4 thoughts on “29 March 2018

  1. I loved this week’s Flora and Fauna, Kim. It is hard to imagine life without these elegant sojourns. We will see how you are thinking about it in 12 weeks. I love to see the doggies!! I really miss them, and knew it when I saw these photos, all together with the stories. Thank you ❤

    • Thank you, Joyce. I will still write, I’m sure – but just won’t have myself on a weekly deadline. Guy started putting together a Teitei website, and we may be able to get it launched during his stay If so, I can start a new blog there.

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