22 March 2018

3-20-14 Welcome sign Sgtka Cr

Our province is Nadroga.  The provincial symbol is the “Nadro Stallion.”  I took a photo of this welcome sign four years ago, and never used it  Now it has been painted over.

*     *     *

25485335_10155106585173779_513106714_o flame tree flower Cr

Here is the beautiful blossom from our flame tree that Akka took about four months ago.  The tree is not blooming now.

*     *     *

20170524_165038 Banaban VCO R

This sign is from Rabi Island when my grandson Victor and I were there almost a year ago.  I loved the fact that they have a virgin coconut oil factory there, but figured the oil would be insanely expensive.  Months later, when I was in Labasa (city on the northern island, Vanua Levu), I saw the Banaban VCO being sold at a street stand for less than $10/500 ml.  I bought some.  It was GREAT!  I really wish they sold it here.  Magnificent product!

*     *     *

IMG_0826 Hindu mango leaves at a jewelry shop Cr

Mango leaves hanging in a jewelry shop.  This is a Hindu custom to ward off bad spirits or something.  I took this photo in May 2013.

*     *     *

20170927_120734 geese under bougainvillea Cr

Finally, a goose couple under some bougainvillea, from last September.

*     *     *

Have you noticed the pattern?  Every one of these photos has been sitting in my “on hold” file for weeks, months or years.  I did not take a single photo this week.  Fact is, I’m pooping out.  Soon, maybe very soon, I will do a final issue.

*     *     *

FIJIAN WORD of the Week

Kalokalo –  means  “star”

Kaloko – means “clock”

There is a village that was supposed to be name Big Star but got named Big Clock by accident because folks left out a syllable –  Kalokolevu.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *



5 thoughts on “22 March 2018

    • That is certainly the way it is going. My life pattern suggests that once I get off the cycle, getting back on with any consistency is extremely unlikely, though. Sigh. 13 June makes five full years. I may try to get there and then wrap it up.

      • No need to sigh. You’ve created something worthwhile and lovely in those five years.

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