15 March 2018

2018-03-09 reject eggs R

When Austin candled the eggs – this is how many were duds – about half of the eggs that were set for hatching.  The hot weather is causing low fertility in  the roosters, plus it is the time of year for the hens to molt and over half of them have stopped laying.  So Austin is closing the hatchery for a few weeks.    These eggs became dog food, but the ones that are being laid now are CAGE FREE EGGS FOR SALE.  Great price.  Come and get ’em.

*     *     *

We had a bit of a miracle.   Bees had crawled into the wall of the cottage.  The wall was too strong to open without a lot of damage, and we couldn’t just leave them in the cottage to threaten our guests, so we were going to have to use insecticide.  But then….

2018-03-09 bees crawl out at wall R

they crawled out!   Big big balls of bees climbed back out the wall.  The whole colony!   Our professional beekeeper friend was amazed.  Told us this just doesn’t happen.

2018-03-09 bees crawl out boxes R

Austin got a bee box and coaxed them to stay with some honey.  The colony was so big, he had to get a second box.  They settled in.  Next step, put the bee boxes on a wheelbarrow and slowly move them to a new location a few meters a day.

But it was only a bit of a miracle.  The queen must not have joined them, and a few days later the whole colony swarmed off again.

*     *     *

2018-03-10 Indian engagement and cake Cr

We went to an Indian engagement party this week.  There is no end to the imaginative ways to make an elaborate occasion even more elaborate.  The engagement party usually involves a cake.   At the previous one I went to the fiance and fiancee each fed it to each other, and then each parent fed some to each child.  At this one, there were FIVE cakes, and not only did the fiances and the parents get in on the feeding, but also the aunties, the uncles, and every other guest who wanted to share sweetness with the happy couple.

*     *     *

FIJIAN WORD of the Week

Yaloka – it means “egg”   Definitely a word we need here at the farm.

Mata – means “eye” and it also means “face”

Put them together – yaloka ni mata – and you get “eyeball”

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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