8 March 2018

2018-02-06 lily bud Cr

A beautiful, unopened wild lily on the road to the baipound (horse jail).

*     *     *

So it was a hard day here – the power was out all day long, and that is why this blog is 12 hours late.  But the day ended with a bit of a bang, which I’ll tell you toward the end.

*     *     *

After weeks and weeks of rain, this week took the prize as the rainiest short of causing a general flood.   Austin had to run dig some new drains and filled his camera with photos of the water world.

IMG_7111 Mar 2018 Deluge 1 stream floods R

Our creek that has been bone dry for almost a whole year is about to jump its banks.

IMG_7131 Mar 2018 Deluge 2 new stream develops R

A new stream develops, carrying gallons of water toward the fish pond.

IMG_7128 Mar 2018 Deluge 3 fishpond about to jump banks R

Our fish pond is just about to overflow and join the creek – in which case all the fish swim out, and the neighbors have happy fishing in the drains.

IMG_7138 Mar 2018 Deluge 6 waterfall R

We have our own waterfall (for an afternoon).


IMG_7149 Mar 2018 Deluge 7 Neighbors bindi R

The neighbors’ okra crop is under water so long it is probably dead.  There goes a full three-months income.  Sigh.   I hope it survives.

*     *     *

2018-03-08 new royal palm roots R

Brilliant discovery …. royal palms break out a new set of little roots periodically.   I had seen the hair-like roots around its base and never thought about it … but today – Wow!

*     *     *

The promised “bit of a bang” – we had roadkill for dinner tonight.  It was killed in our driveway – a duck that failed to clear the tires of a visitor who came to ask if we were selling roosters.  <mutter mutter, bad driver, mutter mutter>   Akka noticed the dead bird and grabbed it, Austin cleaned it, and Akka cooked it, and it was yummy.

*     *     *

Fijian Word of the Week  (in honor of our dinner guest)

Duck is ga  ,  pronounced “nga.”  That “ng” is the sound at the end of  “ring”

*     *     *

Happy week, y’all.

*     *     *




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