1 February 2018

Another brief one.

Guavas Galore

2018-01-30 guavas galore  R.jpg

Actually Junia came up from the field with a whole wheelbarrow full of guavas.  Austin threw the inferior ones out to the chickens, who are now disinterested in them, though Ryu the horse never tires of them.   These are ones I cleaned to freeze for future jam.   I’ve got 3 big boxes of them to take to Monica in Suva who will make more jam.  And – according to Ju – there is at least another wheelbarrow’s worth yet to come.  Lordy!

*     *     *

On the fauna front –

2018-01-30 Dragon fly  Cr.jpg

Grandpappy Dragonfly – who is just not all that photogenic.  But he sure is huge!

*     *     *

The GONG SHOW that is my Fijian language learning.   **  WARNING **   Do not believe ANYTHING I tell you about the Fijian Language!

So “Siga Vinaka Nikua” (from last week) does not mean “Have a nice day” after all  … it means something more like “It looks like a good day to me.”

“Have a nice day.” is more like “Vakanuinui vinaka ena siga nikua.”  (Vakanuinui vinaka is sort of a general purpose “Best wishes” and siga “day” and nikua “today”  are supposed to make this work.)

Let me tell you a phrase I feel confident about:  ulukau (oo-loo-cow).   It means stupid.   Ulu is head, and kau is wood.  So…. BLOCKHEAD.   I bet I have that one right.

*     *     *

Happy week, y’all.

*     *     *


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