25 January 2018

(I just barely live up to my blog name this week.)

2018-01-24 avocado 1 R

I’ve got Flora – and there’s hardly any flora that could make me happier.   Just look at the size of our avocados !    If the size is not impressive in my hand, behold them next to an average size egg.

2018-01-24 avocado 2 R

*     *     *

And – I’ve got Fauna.   (Well, actually Junia got the fauna and sent me the pix.)

2018-01-23 wasp potter 2 Cr

This mud dauber wasp,

2018-01-23 wasp potter 1 Cr

and her perfect little pot.

*     *     *


Siga (pronounced  SING-uh)  – means “day”

Vinaka – (vee-NAH-kah)  means “good”

Nikua –  (nee-KOO-ah)  means “today”

Put them together “Siga vinaka nikua.” and you’ve got “Have a nice day.”  🙂

*     *     *

May you also have a happy week.

*     *     *


7 thoughts on “25 January 2018

  1. Olie had an avacado tree that was to die for- same size fruit as yours, but perfectly round, and rich inside beyond your dreams. So, so good, and the season so short lived, thank goodness!

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