18 January 2018

2018-01-12 daily gift Cr

Give us this day our daily egg  – beside my washer?

2018-01-07 curly bread Cr

Or festive bread – that’s how we roll in Fiji!

*     *     *

After that dinky pineapple, we harvested a papaya that makes up for it:

2018-01-07 Sigatoka LONG papaya Cr

Sigatoka Long.

*     *     *

Wild turmeric growing on the path to the pavilion.

2018-01-07 wild turmeric on the path R

*     *     *

Some cute little female coming to check out Sandy Dune –

2018-01-15 feline visitor Cr

she was coming daily there for awhile, but now we don’t see her.

*     *     *

Isa lei!  Our very helpful visitors are leaving.

2018-01-17 Nakh and Quentin R

Nakhjavani (with cat) and Quentin (with tea): they were here from Vanuatu – with Quentin’s farmer grandpa from Alberta – for three weeks to learn about permaculture and chickens.  Man, were they ever helpful!   Boy, do I hate to see them leave!

*     *     *

So Austin took the boys and Grandpa to the beach this week.  Turns out Nakh is as good at spotting artifacts as Austin is.   They came home with this collection of stone tools –

2018-01-15 Sand dune finds 1 Cr

(there is a teeny cat mandible there also – which got pulverized afterward by a child playing with one of the stone tools …. if you can imagine that.)

2018-01-15 Sand dune finds 2 R

They  also found this larger rock that Austin is sure was used for something.  For now we are calling this the “pillow rock.”

Austin will be taking all these treasures to the museum with a few other things he’s found.  This is not the first time.  Before we got married, Austin found a lot of American Indian artifacts near his grandmother’s house in NC – he even reconstructed a huge pot – and the Wilmington Museum had to put in a new wing to house all the things!

*     *     *

Fiji language word of the week (shall I make this a blog feature?) :

VATU – it means “rock” – and can be any size from a boulder down to a small stone.  The only other word for rock is qereqere – which means gravel.

*     *     *

Wishing a happy and peaceful week for all of you.

*     *     *



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