11 January 2018

2018-01-06 drone mapping 3 R

What do you call the prize winning farmer?  A man who is out standing in his field.  (haha).  Here is Junia out standing in the patch he is developing into a permaculture site.  And this week he got some help.

2018-01-06 drone mapping 1 R

These lovely ladies from Project Everest (who stayed here before but now have rented houses on the coast) came visiting with a  ……

2018-01-06 drone mapping 2 R

Drone Camera !

And off it went.  They were mapping altitudes and contours, and also identifying wild turmeric to see if that was possible (yes, it was) before taking the drone to another site.   They came back a few days later with the results.  Junia is happy happy.

*     *     *

Walking back from the far land, I noticed this:

2018-01-06 toads in the creek Cr

Toads in the creek.   It was so hot I felt like joining them.

*     *     *

The ducks have been around the chickens too much.

2018-01-09 ducks in tree Cr

Since when are there ducks in trees?

*     *     *

Geese live about 30 years and they mate for life – so Austin tells me.

2018-01-10 goose couples Cr

Yesterday I noticed the goose couples – males white, females gray.  A 28 year marriage out of a 30 year lifespan makes a human marriage of 50 years seem like not such a stretch.   Thank you, Geese, for a good role model!

*     *     *

Dr. Smarty Pants getting more publicity.   Yesterday a Fiji TV crew came to interview him about the Happy Chicken project and the permaculture work for a segment on Talk Business.   They were really sweet and seemed to enjoy themselves a lot.

2018-01-10 Fiji TV crew Cr

The segment is supposed to air on Tuesday.  I will look for a you-tube link – and will post it next week if I find it.

*     *     *

When it doesn’t work, you can at least make FIRE out it!

2018-01-09 styrrofoam and gasolene Cr

Back in Micronesia days we learned that by melting styrofoam in gasoline you can make a goo that is an excellent patch for fiberglass.  So we’ve been doing that and storing it in old paint cans.  Last week “Someone” (hint:  photo at top) mixed the styrofoam with Premix (gas + oil) – which makes an oily goo that takes forever to set.   His experiment was in a peanut can.   When the power went out, it turned out to be kind of useful after all.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *


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