4 January 2018


(My Fijian teacher taught me the wrong thing last week – this is the right way to say Happy New Year as a greeting.)

*     *     *

All flora, no fauna this week.  The blog-year is off to a pitiful start.

2017-12-30 casuraina female flowers 1 Cr

This is the flower of the island pine we have (in the casuarina family).

2017-12-30 casuraina female flowers 2 Cr

This is the mature flower off the tree.  It is supposed to have little seeds in every hole.  Poor old girl tree.  No seeds.

So this week Austin got All Excited because he found out that one of his other pine trees is a male!

2017-12-30 casuraina male flowers 1 R

Here’s a close up of the male flower.

2017-12-30 casuraina male flowers 2 Cr

(Interesting, but not as interesting as pulling sensitive grass, which is what I was doing as this discovery was being made.  Still going at it, too.)

The other excitement is that our own pomegranates are fruiting.

2018-01-01 pomegranite 1 Cr


2018-01-01 pomegranite and Kiki R

*     *     *

In other news we got another grandchild – Noah Kazuki  (Peaceful, Bringer of Light) – doing well with mum, dad and big brother in Japan.  We are eager to hold him!

*     *     *

May your 2018 be magnificent!

*     *     *



6 thoughts on “4 January 2018

  1. Congratulations on the new grandchild. What a beautiful name. Please don’t abandon your blog ( unless you must). I so enjoy it.
    Chris from Tacoma WA.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Just sent a message via AirBnB regards staying at TeiTei for just one night only this Thursday as I’m passing through on my way to the states via Taveuni-Nadi. Let me know if you’ll wave the minimum stay and let me stop in…in Sigatoka Thursday to check on fruit tree order.

    Thanks for considering! 🙂 Brooks Kirkbride, Naitauba Island

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