28 December 2017

2017-12-02 kids getting big Cr

The neighbor’s kids are getting big.  We talk about getting a few goats, but never do.

*     *     *

Just on the main road near the shop:

2017-12-21 cotton bush 1 R

Look closer.

2017-12-21 cotton bush 1 Cr

A cotton bush!   What a surprise!

2017-12-21 cotton bush 2 Cr

Even Austin was surprised, and we pass it every day.   He says this is wild cotton.  I want to get some.

*     *     *

I stopped paying attention for just a moment – then WHAMMO

2017-12-25 Cycad flower R

The cycad flower kind of exploded and there are all these leaves gushing out!

*     *     *

Back to an old obsession …

2017-12-27 sensitive grass R


There is a lot of “sensitive grass”  (Mimosa pudica, I think) growing on the new road, and my job is pulling it out.   Once I start pulling I can’t quit.

*     *     *

A tiny culture note – Men’s haute couture

2017-12-24 Sunday best R

Akka is not wearing a skirt.  This is a “pocket sulu” – a tailored item of clothing that men wear for formal events such as going to church.  Akka put it on last Sunday for going up to the pavilion for prayers (because the rest of his clothes were dirty.  Ha ha.)

*     *     *

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy Boxing Day.   I will say the next bit in Fijian since I am finally trying to learn the language:


(Happy New Year)

*     *     *

6 thoughts on “28 December 2017

  1. Dear Kim, Austin, Akka, Junia, wee one, goats, cotton bushes, poultry, et. al.

    Happy ? (Winter/Summer Solstice?)

    We celebrate: Dana Vira Mela here on Naitauba: “The Feast of the Hero of Giving”.

    The raw food discipline disappears, the sweets come out…lots of chocolate, a little dairy in the diet, no meat but still a variety of foods that is not normally available to us. “Already, as Merle Haggard sung, I’m so stuffed I could die”. Or was it Hank Williams?

    Austin, sorry I could not get you over here to advise us. The problem being that about 50% of our labor’s going to making compost to improve the soil here which previously was MPK’d; the idea being to raise up the microbes to feed the plants, rather than feed the plants with the MPK. You know the arguments.

    Consequently we’ve taken on no new initiatives since I started here in June, just trying to keep up with our kitchen’s expectation for lettuce, bok choy, arugula, tomatoes, cuckes, etc. Not being in charge I have to succumb to others surrendering to a communal management process where my consternation does little to effect change which is a really discipline for me being an independent Yankee (I went to high school in Concord, Mass.) a town notable for it’s yeomen gunslingers.

    My mother passed away happy like, “The Beamer”, but short two weeks ago at the age of 95. She’d had dementia like symptoms for years so I’ve been involved in a release process for much longer….I went away to school at 14 and went to college in the West of the USA so my contact with my parents was not extensive after my early teens, nonetheless there’s a wound. Because I’m getting a bit of an inheritance that’s been in US stocks, and I want to get out of the stock market, I’m going to head off Naitauba for a while in January for financial studies and I’d love to stop by and visit for a day, or night. (I tried to make the coconut cheese w/o success so I’d pay for private instruction for the recipe!!!).

    I always enjoy the blog it’s the best thing to come from Nadroga since rugby and the sand dunes.

    Happy Holidays!

    Love, Brooks K. 🙂

    p.s. Tell Akka the word for the holiday is: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (meaning secret, or hidden)

    • Hi Brooks, So happy to get your long, newsy comment. I hope you CAN come back to the farm this coming year, since I was away and did not get to meet you the first time around. Good luck with the composting efforts. Austin just uses NPK – it is simply three needed elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) – he’s more interested in avoiding herbicides and pesticides. Still if you can do without it all, that is good. Your holiday sounds fun – something to look forward to each year. And Thank You So Much for the kind words about the blog. I was seriously thinking of pulling the plug – but I guess I’ll hang on a while longer. All the best, and hoping to meet you this year. Kim

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