21 December 2017

2017-12-14 soaring hawk Cr

This hawk was flying low when I walked up – then it took to the clouds, circling, but never left.  We didn’t have any little chicks loose on the hill, so what was it targeting?

*    *    *

More on Birds:  a COCK FIGHT !

2017-12-20 cockfight 1 Cr

2017-12-20 cockfight 2 Cr

2017-12-20 cockfight 3 Cr

The naked neck chickens do well in the heat and are very productive, but have a clear disadvantage when it comes to fighting.  How do you let them know how big and tough you are without your neck feathers?

*    *    *

On the Flora Front

2017-12-20 new breed not better pineapple R

Here is the new breed of pineapple.  Excellent if you want a lot of pineapple leaves…. (ha ha)

2017-12-16 cycad flower stage two Cr

Update on the cycad flower.  Now it has nodules!

2017-12-14 Fiji dandelion R

And Fiji has a dandelion of sorts.  I never saw it before.  Wonder what flower it goes to???

*    *    *

Some things to munch on

2017-12-14 roasted cashews  R.jpg

Roasted cashews – OUR cashews!

and …

2017-12-20 oopma Cr

A new Indian treat: oopma.   For those who already know Indian treats, it is like halwa but savoury.  Made from semolina, butter, chillies, salt and mix veg.  Yum!

*    *    *

Happy week, everybody.

*    *    *

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