14 December 2017

2017-12-06 old girl R

The other old girl here.  We’ve had a slow week, to tell you the truth.

We have a sweet, permaculture-studying guest from Germany and I cut his hair yesterday, but I didn’t take a picture of it.  ….

2017-12-11 harvest - cashews pineapple duruka Cr

Harvest:  our own pineapple, cashew nuts (still needing roasting and in shells) in the basin, and duruka (wonderful local veggie that is a cane flower).

2017-12-12 moth from Akka Cr

A new moth Akka noticed with white triangles on the wings – photo from his phone.

and, finally – an update

2017-12-11 cycad flower stage 2 Cr

That cycad flower now has off-white rubbery bumps in it.

*     *     *

The big whoop of the week is that Austin now has sex-linked colored chicks – but I haven’t seen them yet.  Something to look forward to.

Happy week, Everybody!

*     *     *

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