7 December 2017

2017-12-01 Mr Popular - Austin and ducks Cr

Mr. Popular and his plucky DUCKY entourage.   Last time I posted something like this, it was Mr. Popular and his happy CHICKEN entourage.

More on the animal front:

2017-11-29 Ryu - prodigal son R


The prodigal stallion returns.  He was gone 10 days, the longest time so far.  We actually got him back last week, but I didn’t put his photo in.   It’s getting worrisome.  We need to get a mare to keep him company so he doesn’t get such itchy hooves.

Also – remember my cats in boxes last week?  Sandy Dune got very weak and crawled off into the bushes to die.  (We were thinking poisoned rat.)  Junia couldn’t accept that he was dead and so he kept calling …. and found him ALIVE yesterday afternoon.  Brought him up, he ate and drank a little.  There is hope.  And Austin thinks it is chocolate poisoning (we have some cocoa in process).   Anyhow – I’ll post an update next week.

On the flora front:

2017-11-29 betel nut Cr

I was surprised that we have betel nut growing here – don’t know where on the farm it is.  We don’t chew it, but if we took it to Suva we could get a lot of gas money by selling that to USP students from Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, maybe Vanuatu and Solomons.  Ah well.

2017-11-29 hoe hoe hoe Cr

Hoe Hoe Hoe!

I took up hoeing the crab grass.  Guess what ….. it is a great ABS WORKOUT!  I never knew.  Ouch!  By the fifth day my abs weren’t hurting any more.

Ok – here is the biggie for the week.


I never knew!  The black on the bananas is where they lost the shade they should have been getting from those big leaves.  It can happen before or after harvesting.   Live and learn!

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *


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