30 November 2017

Let’s just call this week WILD THINGS

2017-11-26 wild anthurium 1 Cr.jpg

This is a wild anthurium growing in front of our house.

stock anthurium.jpg

This is what a common anthurium looks like (stock photo from google images).  You’d think that the major difference would be color and size.  I disagree.  The main difference is that our wild anthurium… Smells like Cow Manure.   Next difference is that our wild one is Floppy.   Why does Austin bring me a flower like that with excitement in his eyes???

*    *    *

Ok, a lot of this week is going to be further info on photos that made it to my OTHER blog.   First up, the passion flower:

2017-11-21 garandila passion fruit flower - gift from Dip to Ju  R.jpg

Actually, this was a different variety of passion fruit called a garandila.  I think this is the wilder, older version.  The fruits are smaller than our usual passion fruits


2017-11-28 garandila 2 R

And TOUGH.  Really, really hard to open.  I didn’t have a hammer, so I used this heavy glass paperweight.

2017-11-28 garandila 3 R

But inside — passion fruit!  Yay!

*    *    *

Next up: cats in boxes

2017-11-27 Cat in box  Cr.jpg

That was from this morning.  Akka actually pointed this out to me and made an astute observation:

He has seen cats in boxes, in baskets and in plastic baskets – but he has never seen a cat in a bucket.  I haven’t either.   Must feel claustrophobic.

*    *    *

Next: the mouse rescued from the washer.

2017-11-25 mouse from washer Cr

In that same blog I also mentioned RAT GLUE ….

2017-11-27 rat glue  R.jpg

Yep.  Austin took care of it.  His method is to turn it over onto cardboard and put the trapped varmint out of its misery with a swift kick.  (And he didn’t think my rat glue would work).  (For readers from the other blog – I am considering this a kindness to people…..)

*    *    *

Wildest thing of the week:

2017-11-29 cycad flower R

This thing is a FLOWER – the flower of a cycad (strange palm-like tree).  It looks like a huge pine cone.  Austin says it is going to do more strange stuff.  I’ll keep watching.

*    *    *

Wishing you all a very happy week.

*    *    *



6 thoughts on “30 November 2017

  1. I have a recipe in my old Fiji recipe book for Grenadillas but it refers to the Giant granadilla. The cooked flesh is good as substitute for apple. I didn’t ever see Giant granadillas in Fiji but we had a lot of them in Zambia. As for cats; haven’t seen them in a bucket but my old cat loved sleeping in the filled flower pots.

    • I think we are talking about two different fruits. I saw a fruit like the one you described at the spice farm in Navua. Weird that they have the same name. It was fleshy. The passion fruit one could never substitute for Apple — it’s all seedy. ….
      A filled flower pot is kind of like a basin of sand for kitty litter – yep, ours have slept there, too.

      • Good to know you have seen the fleshy kind at Navua. As I said, in all my 25 years in Fiji I didn’t ever see one, in the flesh ( terrible pun intended!)

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